Why Are The World’s Youth Flocking To ISIS?


"Come Out Of The Darkness"

“Come Out Of The Darkness”

(Am Not Ashamed) There has been alot of speculation lately about our youth running off to join the demonic group ISIS.  And why this is happening.  This I think comes on the heels of our President who refuses to call ISIS what it is.  And say’s that these youth are just poor and uneducated and if given social programs they would not be ‘radicalized’ as he calls it.  Well this started my mind reeling and asking questions.  I have watched a ton of videos and searched for information and here is what I’ve found.  After watching these videos it becomes clear that the theory that these youth are poor and uneducated is debunked.  Here is only 3 videos but they all show the same thing.  Girls.  Girls glamorizing death, and the afterlife, glamorizing a relationship with a man who is willing to die for them or a cause, and bearing children of these (in their eyes) ‘heroes.’



So what conclusion can you take away?  It seems as even when guided by parents be they Muslim, Christian or secular, this glamorization will creep it’s way in.  Much like the creeping of sharia law into the west.  This ideology is not new, it’s not perverted, it’s not twisted, it’s sharia law and it’s in the Koran.  Glamorizing death, dismemberment, torture and rape as they do should make them demons in everyones eyes.  But unfortunately their sites are designed by satan, ready to find a weak spot in anyone and hone in on that.

Whether they be marginalized by family, friends or society, this vitriol will gain an audience.  I find it particularly mind boggling that young girls full of life, beautiful in every way, just starting their life, would give it all up freedom included just to be whisked away to a paradise that turns into hell once they reach their destination.  Even the girl in the video that say’s she is not oppressed, is very sad, as there is nothing not even her eyes at times that is not covered.  And to run off to the market slinging a Kalashnikov like it is your most desired purse or bag is very pitiful.

How do we stop it?  Well, since all these girls came from well to do homes, and are educated, it seems the truth is the only answer.  Unfortunately those who try to escape are killed.  The truth from the girls escaping ISIS control such as the Yazidi women or those captured and tortured by Boko Haram are the only answers.  But the brainwashing is so deep and so strong, it’s  a cult.  I don’t understand why their communications have been allowed to grow into a major communications network.

A special committee needs to convene on ways to combat this and save our youth.  The western governments need to unite and share to learn how to combat this, and in the case of the Denver girls who were brought back, this needs to happen more often.  Why can’t they be stopped before getting to Syria?  All questions we need to ask.  Instead of providing more social programs, how about educating our children on the evil tactics used by cult groups like ISIS?  Education directed at this should be first and foremost on the agenda.

Instead of downplaying what Islam and sharia law means for people especially women, how about we educate our youth on this?  This is not Islamaphobia, it’s knowledge.  It’s the truth.  This is what is indoctrinating our youth.  False statements about the true nature of Islam.  I watched a video by the young turks where they read letters from these disenfranchised youth who have arrived in their so called paradise with warriors for Allah, and boy are they surprised.  Describing scenes of servitude to these so called warriors.  Nothing but slaves.

I have one question for these girls.  When you have given them children and you are no longer useful to them do you really think you are valuable?  Do you think they will not kill you to make room for a new, less used model?  This is not glamor, it’s not honor, it’s something very dark and sinister.  Every young girl and even boys has the urge to rebel, they all have the urge for excitement, and danger, but this is very dark and twisted, you don’t have to die for a God.  There is a God that is willing to die for you.  In fact he did.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Follow him and receive life and an eternity with God.  Fight the desires of the flesh, and obtain a paradise that is so great we can’t even begin to understand it.  Turn from the evil face of satan and turn to Christ.  Pray for these girls, pray for our youth to fight off this evil, and turn from it.  Pray for Christ’s light to shine in this darkness.  Pray for all leaders to give them knowledge and wisdom in how to tackle this.

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  1. To follow and join ISIS seems real. It seems like something they can actually do. Something they can both live and die for.

    The church system in the West has done away with the reality of following JESUS as your total way of Life, that which you both Live and Die for. It is NO LONGER TAUGHT OR PRACTICED. The routine is; come down front and repeat this prayer and that’s it! You’re ” in like flint” and can never be out!! Now, get busy with REAL life, get your degrees, get your career, buy your good things, get self fulfilled, be happy!

    This is a totally FALSE Gospel, NOTHING like what JESUS taught. No living for HIM+, NO dying for HIM+, NO CROSS, NO DISCIPLESHIP. This creates recruits for the cults, whether it is ISIS, or the MANY other cult groups that ABOUND.

    The youth want something REAL, something they want to both Live for and Die for if necessary. Following CHRIST the way HE+ taught will give them that but the churches repudiate that and teach directly AGAINST what CHRIST taught.

    Let the churches bring back serious Sisters homes for the young girls and women ( convents/cloisters ) for those who want to lay down their lives for CHRIST. For the young brothers, brothers houses, monasteries/houses of prayer and work.

    Provide THE MEANS of walking out a life of TOTAL Discipleship for the young people who want and desire to deny themselves and take up the CROSS DAILY. MAKE IT REAL. Cut off the frustration level and the supply of recruits for the cults at the same time.

    Even if one is not RC, Francis of Assisi and his Sister in purity Claire are good examples for young people who really want to follow CHRIST with their whole life. Maybe we need to change our way of thinking about REAL Discipleship and how to help the young person to walk it out in our “smothering” secular culture.

    Just some thoughts. Peace+ in HIM+ Who is Peace, Amen .


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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