Will America’s Son’s & Daughters Be Sent To Fight ISIS On The Ground?

(I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ) As you know there has been so much secrecy in the Obama administration.  The same administration that promised the most transparent government ever is continuing back and forth between Obama, Susan Rice and the Pentagon on sending ground troops back to Iraq. He is denying, denying, denying involvement.  Downplaying the seriousness of what is transpiring, downplaying the death and destruction, downplaying the religious aspects of this evil bloodshed.   Please pray for our troops, pray for God’s mercy, protection and courage to follow them.  Pray for swift resolve.  Pray for their families to find peace and comfort.  Pray for America.

“CNN Global Affairs Analyst James Reese discusses whether or not the Pentagon will recommend that the U.S. send ground troops to fight ISIS.”

Very troublesome:

You see this is troublesome, as we have been reporting on the increasing presence of ISIS in Pakistan.  In fact the Taliban has united with them.  And we all know that Pakistan is a nuclear weapon country.  And there are many possible ways that ISIS can obtain a nuclear weapon, remember their daily income from oil is in the billions.

Pray for Peace



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  1. Same conversation going on here in New Zealand. Our in the hip pocket of the NWO and Obama, prime minister, Mr John Key wants NZ to send troops in a training role to IRAQ, guarded by our elite troops the SAS who have the right to return fire if attacked.

    Laughable because they will be attacked in one form or another and a NZ solider(s) will lose their lives and their blood will be split upon this ground. Then they use that to whip up more support focused on revenge.

    His words this is the “price of the club”, meaning the 5 eyes spying club and NZ must pay offer up its men as a blood sacrifice to this cause of bringing about their evil one world government rule. In all his his public statements he speaks all these words with his silly little grin on his face.

    He talks about how evil ISIL is but never how evil Saudi Arabia who carry out the same practices on their own countrymen. All because NZ get 1.7billion of trade with Saudi Arabia a year. Blood money is what the Lord calls it and NZ as a country is cursed because it is being double minded in these situations.

    The current opposition leader at least has more wisdom than him and questions why is NZ involved in this at all but no one is listening to him at this time. But if his party was in power it would be the same old story regardless as they all belong to the father of lies.


    • Again thank you. There is so much in your statement! The US is heavily involved in Saudi Arabia as well. I could go on and on, but I will say only that prophecy is being fulfilled as we speak. I advise everyone to get into the word of God so you will know what is happening. God bless you, and we will pray for NZ as well.


      • Hey Sister.

        You would of seen that PMs of France and Germany went off to Russia to beg Mr Putin not to start a full blown war in that region. Putin is not going to back down, the west will have to back down from the sanctions they have applied and want to apply.

        If they do not then He will simply give his troops the green light to completely blow NATO out of existence and the world will have a war with Russia and China as well as a war in the middle east.

        Interesting times and is not going to get pleasant for the masses I am afraid.

        I thank you Guys for praying for NZ but alas the spirit is telling NZ is going to be totally caught up in this mayhem, no country will be exempt.

        Not many variables left I am afraid for this world no matter how we look at things happening across the globe.


      • Yes, I’m watching that also. It’s the times we were warned about. Holding fast to the word and looking up for our redemption draws near.

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  2. There is the possibility that this is yet another sad episode of, “create the enemy,” make him really bad… then, rally the populace to go and fight that same enemy. This same scenario has been used over and over again.

    In this case, however, the plan is to possibly assist as part of a “great coalition force” to punish ISIS, which most everyone understands was created and financed by Western Babylon and its fellows. This is according to a well-known female state department official, from her own mouth. Others have said the same.

    This time it is not a 911 / Afghanistan that must have troops sent to get the “bad guys;” it is a different area, but the same scenario. No 911 this time, but ISIS, not large buildings destroyed, but a whole people group, the Christians and peoples of the middle-east.

    To get the REAL “bad guys,” troops would have to be sent to a location much closer to home. This is all carefully engineered and has been in the works for years.

    Hopefully this insanity —- of sending troops to fight a self-created enemy — can be avoided and the truth can be made plain to all concerned. Hopefully more sorrow and bloodshed can be avoided this time around.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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