Rape, & Murder Part Of Daily Life


(I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ) A Pakistani News Agency is reporting the rape and murder of a baby 1 1/2 years old.  Her body was found in Nazimabad.  Nazimabad is a middle-class suburb of Karachi, Sindh,Pakistan.  It was developed in 1952 to settle Muslim refugees in Pakistan.  According to the report the baby was strangled to death after being raped.  Details are not yet available.

Women and children are abused on a daily basis, there are numerous reports of rape and abuse especially among young Christian girls.  In December of last year 2 girls were raped while they went outside their house to use the bathroom and didn’t return.  They were found several miles away the next day.  They were held at gunpoint and raped repeatedly by 3 men.  According to some rape is on the increase in Pakistan.  It’s hard to get numbers or testimony because the women are encouraged not to press charges, in some cases threatened with retaliation if they report it.  Rape, gangrape, domestic violence, honour killing (Karo Kari), vani (exchange of women in settling the disputes), and forced child marriages are some examples of women’s rights violations that have occurred in Pakistan.  And if the woman is Christian it’s much worse.

Schools are also under increasing attack the most traumatic being the slaughter of children by the Taliban at a military based school, killing 150 students and teachers.  And  after the Charlie Hebdo attacks a gang armed with sticks and stones attacked a Christian school forcing their way in, and threatening those inside.  Schools have had to resort to hiring security guards, training children how to react in an attack and now allowing Teachers to arm themselves.  A quote from the Washington Times from the Higher Education Minister  in Pakistan say’s “We’re at war,”, arguing that the region’s 65,000 police are stretched too thin to provide a first line of defense to nearly 50,000 schools.”

ISIS poster at the site of one of the largest Asia campus's, it's a  former Christian University in Pakistan " Spreading the good news of islam to all the Muslim"

ISIS poster at the site of one of the largest Asia campus’s, it’s a former Christian University in Pakistan
” Spreading the good news of islam to all the Muslim”

And then there’s ISIS.  ISIS is on the rise in Pakistan.  They have such a good reputation for women.  You see they kidnap, rape, torture and murder girls and think it’s a way of life.  NBC reported a few days ago that the number of Taliban joining ISIS is increasing: “Hundreds of Taliban fighters have joined ISIS’ new branch in Pakistan, according to three militant commanders in the country.”

This should alarm the world at large, but mostly silence.  Remember Pakistan is a nuclear country.  If these weapons fell into the hands of ISIS well, let’s just say catastrophic.  There would be none safe.

ISIS just released a manifest of what women should be:

  1. Beauty Parlors are works of the devil
  2. Children as young as 9 should get married (I’m sure this follows the example of the founder of Islam)
  3. Lead sedentary lifestyle, remaining covered and hidden (veiled) and at the service of men, their masters
  4. Clothing stores are also a work of the devil and should be avoided  (Read More)

And we are the ones who don’t understand Islam?

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  1. This is horrible and sickening, What a nightmare life must be for these people under this captivity. Is this what is wanted in this land? I do not fathom why ANY woman would want to be a part of this diabolical system, unless she was born into it and can find no way out. May The LORD+ help them to find Life in HIM+ , and deliver them out of this EVIL system.

    Today Mr president invited the leader of Sudan to a “prayer breakfast”. This man is responsible for the genocide of thousands of Christians in Sudan, a brutal islamist.

    It is also reported that Mr. president spoke against the terrible acts people have done ( the crusaders) in the name of Christ, INNORING THE REASON FOR THE CRUSADES, which was the horrible massacre of untold thousands upon thousands of people across Europe.

    He also chose to ignore the same thing that is happening now in large parts of the world in the name of ” moon god alllah” and the evil man that was “its” messenger.

    This same Mr. president is appointing “muslim brotherhood ” people to high positions in the government. He is allowing islamist militant training camps to function within these borders with no hindrance.

    Mr. president is doing just as he is TOLD to do.

    Welcome to the American caliphate!


    In JESUS’ Name Amen + + + .


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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