If Not For Children, When? Will The World Intervene & Demand Justice For Nigeria?

(Voice of the Persecuted)We’ve reported on the stench of death and destruction befalling Nigeria for a some time.  Tirelessly working to bring the latest news from the front lines, verifying each report given.  The latest report is nothing new, but still disturbing. Radical groups linked together in a Super Highway of Terror with ISIS, Al-shabob, Al-queda, possible connections with the Lord’s Resistance Army and rebels fighting from Iran to the coast of Africa.  They have kidnapped children, boys and girls for servitude, slavery and rape/sex trafficking. Indoctrinating,training boys for their murderous campaigns.  But the images being released demands examination.  Are these children being utilized in suicide bombings as in recent attacks using 10 year old girls? Are they recruiting those orphaned by this devastating crisis? Can we even begin to understand not only the physical injuries, but the deep psychological wounds suffered as they are exploited?

We’ve reported on Nigerian Christian leaders crying out for world intervention, the Daily Mail shows in their report, images released by Boko Haram of their training camps. They quote Pastor Laolu Akande, the Executive Director of Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans, CANAN.

 “Boko Haram can only be defeated if the Nigerian military is backed up internationally. He said Nigeria had been trying to defeat the terrorist for four years, but ‘Nigerian forces are too weak’. Pastor Akande said: ‘It is time for international force of the calibre of the UN to deploy troops in that part of Nigeria. This has to be done and it cannot be ignored any more.’ (More)

Recently, the best the US had to offer was to send John Kerry who urged Nigerians not to postpone upcoming elections.  The Washington Times covered the visit.

Amidst rising civil unrest in Nigeria, Secretary of State John F. Kerry flew there this weekend to meet with President Goodluck Jonathan and his challenger in the upcoming Nigerian presidential election to discuss the vote and discourage violence from each party’s supporters, and also to enhance cooperation in the fight against Islamist terrorism.(More)

Nigeria’s elections are often fervidly contested. And this election may be one of the most competitive yet. Polls show the candidates are neck and neck with the outcome too close to call. This election is promising both new hopes and fears hovering like a huge black cloud over the country.  The back and forth between incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan and former military ruler, a Muslim from north, Muhammadu Buhari has threatened to turn violent. Without going in depth, it was said after the 2011 election, many were killed when Buhari lost and that he “unleashed the dogs of war.”  Many Christians and Muslims were killed in the violence, 800 according to Human Rights Watch. Since, the unthinkable slaughter has soaked the country in blood of the innocents.

Angry at the Nigerian government’s failure to fight Islamic extremists, many Christians & Muslims are disillusioned with Jonathon. They are looking to Buhari with his checkered past, to save Nigeria and stamp out the Boko Haram. Only time will tell and while the accusations continue on both sides, pray wisdom for leadership and the people of Nigeria.

good luck johnathon

And lastly we ask, “What will happen to the children of Nigeria?”  What will become of the government already fragile, while Boko Haram expands—claiming a government in a territory now the size of Belgium?  The future of Nigeria belongs to the children, the next generation. What will their elders leave for them?  Freedom or captivity?

Voice of the Persecuted

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  1. It is a very sad and frightening situation in Africa. These Boko Haram murderers are not just a group of “rag-tag” bandits, but a very well- equipped killing machine.

    I noticed in the article that even Africans are saying that outside troops must be sent in to help the weak Nigerian military. There are already 4,000 U.S. troops placed in 35 African countries, through operation DAGGER BRIGADE, to work out “alignment” plans with African military and government leaders , according to Army News Service and other public news media. This includes the promise of training and military equipment. Of course there would be a price, a pay-back for this “help”.

    Africa has a LOT of natural resources. A lot of natural resources are needed to dominate the world. A plan is in action and is being worked out to “steal” Africa. Of course it must not look like thievery, but rather benevolence.

    It is a massive lie that does not care one iota about how much human life, how much death and destruction it takes for these evil people to work their charade. The Africans — men, women and children — are the ones paying the price for this gigantic atrocity.

    Let us pray for the African people, especially our brothers and sisters in CHRIST caught up in this. And let us pray against the “MONSTER” that is engineering this horrible crime.

    May The LORD GOD Bless the work of V.O.P..


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