Have A Blessed Day: But Walmart Doesn’t Think You Deserve One!

This was shared on facebook today by Fox 5 news.  It’s time to speak up against those who wish to take our freedoms away.  Visit their facebook page (here) and like this post and share it.  We can top 800 shares to condemn having a blessed day.  Speak up! Last check showed  1,182 likes and 610 shares.  Let’s make this go viral.    This was shared with the video on FOX 5 Atlanta  “Many of you have contacted us concerned about James, a Walmart greeter in Blue Ridge who told us he was asked not to say “Have a blessed day” by management. Chris Shaw FOX 5 caught up with James today. You’ll hear more from James and see how the town is rallying for him tonight. WATCH FOX 5 News at 5 and 6pm.” 

Have a Blessed Day!  

Do you support James?

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  1. What is happening to “Free Speech?” People act like you are using profanity when you say anything that sounds remotely Christian. More PC police! 😦


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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