Nigeria: Request From the Front Lines

pray without ceasing

(Voice of the Persecuted) Being the facilitator of a national conference call to pray for the persecuted church, much of our information is taken from reports and profiles given by advocacy groups such as Open Doors and Voice of the Persecuted. It is this information that often informs our prayers.

But it is a special blessing when I can hear from someone who is on the front lines. Those who are literally ‘boots on the ground’ in the midst of persecution witnessing the horrible atrocities that our brothers and sisters are enduring.

Through Voice of the Persecuted, I had the opportunity to connect with a Nigerian brother, ask questions, hear his response and to pray with him. He has seen the horrible persecution our brothers and sisters are facing in the country.  Much of that persecution inflicted by the Boko Haram. This brother has seen atrocities that would grieve one’s soul. He too has been a victim of persecution. Yet this brother`s faith is strong.

He tells us that the saints in Nigeria hear our prayers as we pray for them. He asked that we pray the Nigerian brethren would have strength to endure the persecutions they are under. He also asked that when faced with their own martyrdom, the believers would have the courage to stand for Jesus and not deny Him.

What this brother speaks testifies to what I have heard regarding prayers for the persecuted. The persecuted ask that we pray for them. And their top prayer request is not that they escape persecution, but to have the faith to endure the persecutions and be faithful to Jesus even unto death.

Prayer Points

1. Please pray that God will strengthen the Saints in Nigeria in the midst of persecution by

Boko Haram.

2. Please pray that God will enable the saints to be faithful to Christ even as unto death.

3. Please pray that God will provide for the physical needs of precious saints who have been displaced by the evil of Boko Haram.

4. Please pray for a maturing and a unity of the Church in Nigeria in the face of persecution.

5. Please pray for God to change hearts of hate two hearts of love among the Boko Haram. Remember that Paul who was then known as Saul was the extremist of his day. And I cannot help but think that some serious prayer was going up for him in Damascus. And we see what the outcome of that prayer was.  Saul was changed. Saul became Paul. Paul became a defender and a proclaimer of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So how many Saul`s might God have among  the Boko Haram?

Blaine Scogin, VOP Prayer Coordinator

Voice of the Persecuted

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