‘ Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace’ …


My Comment:  I will let Franklin Graham speak for me, if you’ve been reading here long you know that we agree with Franklin Graham, he has taken a stand for Christ, and Christianity, and we applaud him.  We will stand with him, and we ask that Christians everywhere pray for his protection, strength, & courage.  And pray for the body of Christ for courage to speak out as Franklin Graham has.  Join us in prayer also for the light of Christ to spread to those lost.

(You Tube Commentary)Reverend Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), said that “Islam is not a religion of peace,” nothing in its history “gives proof to peace,” and that it is “a very violent form of faith.”He also urged Muslims to realize that they can quietly accept Jesus Christ as their savior in their heart right now and “know that their sins are forgiven and that they can spend eternity in Heaven” without having “to die in some jihad to please God.”

Rev. Franklin Graham, son of world-renowned preacher Billy Graham, made his remarks during a panel discussion about radical Islam on Fox’s Hannity program on Jan. 14.

During the segment, host Sean Hannity noted that in many Islamic countries if a Muslim converts to a different religion, they are considered apostates and can face the death penalty. He then asked the reverend about what the Muslim holy book, the Quran, reveals to him.

“Well, first of all, Islam is not a religion of peace, and there’s nothing in its history that gives proof to peace.,” said Rev. Graham. “It’s a very violent form of faith. But Sean, I want people to know, the Muslims to know, that in their heart, they can put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I’m not asking them to go out openly and denounce Islam.” “They can do this quietly in their heart and just say, ‘God, I believe in You, and I believe that Your Son Jesus Christ died for my sins and I want to invite him to come into my heart, and I want his forgiveness and I want him to transform my life,’” said Rev. Graham, who also heads the international aid group Samaritan’s Purse.

He continued, “But they don’t have to go out and tell their Muslim family what they’ve done because they’ll be killed. You see, about 89 percent of the Islamic world believes that if you change your faith from Islam to anything else, you should — that should be the death penalty, and that the family can actually kill you and the law will do nothing to touch you. They will take your life.”

“So I’m saying they can do this quietly in their hearts but — and have that assurance, knowing that their sins are forgiven and that they can spend eternity in heaven and they don’t have to die in some jihad to please God,” said the reverend.

Earlier in the segment, Rev. Graham had exhorted Muslims “that may be watching this that are confused and are afraid” about radical Islamism to know that “God loves them and He will accept them through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.”

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  1. Yes! Good words from a man that many will listen to.

    His words were straight and clear

    . I agree that we do need to pray for his protection..


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