Pakistan: Blasphemy Of The Prophet Will Lead To WWIII

Pakistan Muslim leader says Muhammad cartoons could lead to World War III, calls on UN to outlaw blasphemy

ASWJ head Maulana Muhammad Ludhianvi condemned the caricatures and urged the Muslim world to play a role in making international laws to discourage blasphemy. The ASWJ leaders also demanded expulsion of the French ambassador.

This is much more serious than the west will believe.  It’s much more than just rantings from so called ‘radical‘ Muslims. The Blasphemy laws in Pakistan alone are absolutely uncivilized and inhuman.  As in much of the Middle Eastern Countries the ignorance of the west regarding this has caused countless suffering in countries such as Pakistan.  Take Asia Bibi for example, she was arrested on this barbaric law for simply being a Christian and daring to be thirsty.  She drank from a muslim well and this is blasphemy because it hurt the feelings of other muslims she was working with.  Then there is the Christian couple burned alive, because of their faith and allegations of hurting the feelings of muslims who take part in the country’s bonded labor (slavery) program.  Countless Christians are in hiding or are running for their lives because of this idiotic law.  And now they want the UN to demand that the world instill the ‘Blasphemy Law.’  That’s right demands are being made for the world to practice ‘sharia law’ a law that will plunge the whole world into the middle ages, and a murderous,  judicial system.  All wars in History were waged to fight this same ideology whether it be muslim, socialism, or communism, and we are to throw all that to the wind and follow this path that we have sacrificed to defend.   And yet the President of the Free world as he has been called refuses to address this.  He and his administration refuses to acknowledge this.  The slaughter of innocents as in Paris, the attack on freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom to worship in the way you choose falls on deaf ears.

'Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, Who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear.  (Jeremiah 5)

‘Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, Who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear. (Jeremiah 5)

Oh we can’t say that, we can’t listen to that.  How many times have we heard that recently?

Too many to count.  Look at the above statement where he also said “we face a choice between promise of future or prisons of the past.”   Yet that is what he and those past ideologies are pushing us headlong into.  While the free leaders of the west go on another apology tour and announce to the world that we can’t compare the evil slaughter of innocents to a religous ideology, our basic tenet of civilization in the west is coming under threat of a world war to take this freedom from us.  Where have we heard that before?  Let’s see, maybe WWI, or WWII.

Did you know that at the turning point for Pakistan, one of it’s leaders forced Christians to wear different colored clothes, saying that they were all Jews.  Forcing them to have separate public drinking fountains, and even wear armbands like the Jews wore in WWII?  Yes, it’s true.  Those fleeing Pakistan have told horror stories of how Christians have been treated.  And now, Pakistan wants the world to abide by this law?    “They said they would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to protect the honour, prestige and esteem of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  He said love for the Prophet (pbuh) was a basic tenet of Islam.”  

Did you catch that?  The basic tenet ( a principle, belief, or doctrine) is love for their Prophet?  Not love for God, but for the Prophet.  And we are to follow this?  Really?  What happened to separation from church and state?  Let us not forget Islam is not a religion it is a state, a forced form of lifestyle for the innocents and minorities.   There is no separation from church and state within Islam.  This attacks the very principle that America was founded on.  George Washington said this:  “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Our founding fathers knew what these freedoms would mean for us.  They knew how precious they were and still are.  Why don’t Americans?  No wonder those escaping these tyranical rules feel sorry for us.  They all warn that America is soon to fall to persecution. Persecution like never seen before.   And sooner than we think.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Commentary by Am Not Ashamed

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  1. I see The Precious SON of GOD+, HIS+ pure words, HIS+ Miracles, HIS+ Warnings and HIS+ Pure Life blasphemed daily. In all media, in lying political mouths, in big business, and yes, in “religious” institutions that bear HIS+ Name falsely.

    Now it is demanded that a worldwide LAW be put into place, that one cannot speak anything bad, anything truthful about a demon-possessed, mass-murdering, sexually-perverse pedophile… whose TRUE followers are causing untold grief and anguish across the world?

    These people are suffering from “delusions of grandeur ” and are as sick with evil as the so-called “prophet” they are imitating.

    Of course if they don’t get their way they may threaten to burn down the world and murder all who refuse their repeat their lying mantra at gunpoint. The U.N. passing a LAW against blasphemy?? Blasphemy against what?



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