ISIS Continues Their Killing Spree

Screen Shot From: The Rise of ISIS / ISIL In Iraq | American Empire |

Screen Shot From: The Rise of ISIS / ISIL In Iraq | American Empire |

My Comment:  President Obama announced on Tuesday that the “Shadow of Crises had lifted”.  And then John Kerry announced that they were making great strides and that 1/2 of ISIS leaders were killed by the US & allies.  Obama also said a few years ago that Al-queda was decimated.  That proved true, didn’t it?  Not.   ISiS is gaining strength and allies of it’s own.  The super highway of terror grows by the hour.  From Iran to the Coasts of Africa.  ISIS is trading wheat, and oil to Syria for weapons.  ISIS makes billions daily in oil assets.  Every group from Al-queda to the Taliban to Boko Haram, to Al-shabob has declared thier allegiance to ISIS.  And there are reports that they have executed 2 Japanese hostages today.

Baquba (Iraq) (AFP) – The Islamic State (IS) group killed seven people Friday, including two journalists, in the Muqdadiyah area north of Baghdad, their employers and officials said.  Ali al-Ansari and another unnamed journalist from Al-Ghadeer satellite television were among the dead, according to local manager Karim Fadhel.  via Two journalists among seven killed in Iraq violence – Yahoo News.

Mark 13:23

But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things.

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  1. I see the professional liars are at it again! The Islamic/jihadist hate and murder groups are getting stronger every day, aided and abetted by their helpers in :”the city of the baals”‘

    The “house that is called white” is appointing muslim people into very high political and security positions, not just one or two but many.

    There at at least 22 muslim/jihadist training camps in the U.S., some say more camps than that. Most are in rural areas but some are in big cities. They are basically NO-GO zones. The FBI and CIA know where they are and are doing NOTHING.

    The nation is in DEEP TROUBLE. The Christian Church must get on their knees and on their faces before GOD in DEEP REPENTANCE, for Judgment begins at the House of GOD. The sins of the church has been great, the Judgment will be great also.

    We are seeing it take place before our eyes. Denial will not help. This savage brutality is looking us in the face, and it is being given protection by those in the high places of the “city of the baals”.

    May the LORD GOD protect and guide and hide HIS+ Children.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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