The World’s Silent Intifada?


A most recent attack in Tel-Aviv has left 9 people scarred for life after an attack on a bus, by a Palestinian wielding a knife. A bus driver who received serious wounds cried out for someone to care for his children if he died.   Four of those were left with serious wounds.  A Hamas leader (Izzat Risheq) tweeted the attacks as “brave & heroic”  Now the US has issued warnings to Americans in Israel not to travel to the North of the Country and avoid public transportation like buses in Tel-Aviv.

In years past there have been 2 declared wars on Israel.  It’s called ‘intifada’.  So what does intifada mean?  According to Merriam Webster it means:

Uprising, rebellion; specifically :  “an armed uprising of Palestinians against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip”

 Arabic intifada,  literally, the act of shaking off

First Known Use: 1985  Popularly used to mean ‘rebellion’, ‘uprising’, & ‘resistance’.
The first intifada occurred from December 1987 to 1993  The second intifada occured in 2000 and lasted until 2005.  If you research the first intifada it sounds much like what is happening today.  Riots, uprisings, and economic boycotts.  According to reports many civilians and children were killed under the age of 17.  Knowing what we know now about the use of children as battlefied shields and combatants by what the world has claimed to be rebels, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al-queda the vietnamese (during Vietnam war), ISIS and Al-shabob use this as one of their major tactics of battle, using children as suicide bombers, training them in combat, and human shields.  Storing their weapons in schools, and hospitals and civic centers is their M.O.  I remember a few months back Hamas, I believe, declared the third intifada, but the world thought it was just vitriolic speech and ignored it.  Since then the attacks in Israel by ‘lone wolfs’  has increased.  The world leaders like to use the term ‘lone wolf’  because then they don’t have to acknowledge the evil behind these attacks.
The increase in attacks in Israel in 2014 has coined the phrase ‘silent intifada.’
(Wikipedia)  Although the name “silent intifada,” appears to have been coined in the summer of 2014, suggestions that there should be or already is an incipient have been circulated by activists, columnists, journalists and on social media since 2011.  Commentators have pointed out the varying utility to the Palestinian and Israeli left, right, and center of not only of naming, but of asserting or denying that there is or is about to be a new intifada.
These attacks if you have been watching have gained momentum, with Palestinians using cars, knives, stones, molotov cocktails and anything else that can be used as weapons.  Both the PA & Hamas has been calling loudly for this uprising.  Even secular media recognizes this call for a third intifada.  And it’s occuring not only in Israel but in the West.  It’s all the same.  They all have the same goals, destroy Israel, conquer the western nations & the world.
In a recent PBS video (Are we seeing signs of a third intifada?)  you can see a quote from David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy:  ” Make sure cool heads prevail here, because we don’t want this conflict, that’s a political conflict Israeli/Palestinian to be transformed into a Muslim/Jewish religious war.  Because political conflicts you can solve, but religious wars you can’t.”  I might add he was a negotiator on John Kerry’s team.
Political conflicts you can solve, but religious wars you can’t??? Boy the implications of that statement ring shockwaves.  Is this why the world leaders refuse to recognize what has happened?  Has their silence on these uprisings created one of the worst religious wars in History???
Is there any wonder why there are so many wars and uprisings in the middle east and africa???  It seems that the world encourages this and even rewards this.
Carlos Latuff [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

Carlos Latuff [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

Then there is the media that portrays all blame to Israel for what they call “Israel’s restrictions to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”  Really?  After the 1967 war Israel gave up their control of the Temple Mount to the Waqf.  And succeded to Jordanian rule of the mosque.  Regardless of the back and forth, Hamas, Hezbollah and even Iran has been threatening Tel-Aviv and Israel with “hell fire” and annihilation for years.  They refuse to recognize that Israel has a right to exist.  Claiming they have no rights, when in reality it is Israel that has no rights.  No rights to pray on the Temple Mount, even restricting Christians from the same.  A Holy place where more hatred, violence and vitriol takes place than at any other time in History.  Even  Babylonian, Persian and Roman control didn’t hold a candle to the violence and hatred spreading on the ‘Holy Place.’
Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Look at the ‘Arab Spring’.  How many have died since it began?  Millions.  Syria, Libya, Africa, Egypt, Iraq, and Sudan. Human rights groups like Amnesty International in 2011 put the number at 3,500,  But they also said at that time that Syria uprisings were mostly peaceful. What????  Now last year the death toll in Syria alone is well over 200,000.  Not counting, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, or Yemen.  All were backed by the western governments, and all have failed.  Now the world scrambles to crush the islamic caliphate (state) rising out of the ashes like a phoenix.  A phoenix that has tasted blood and wants control of the world.  It just isn’t the same control that the West thought would emerge.  When will it stop?  This spring will not bring democracy and freedom for the people, it is breeding a brutal, barbaric way of life that commits more human rights abuses than the world has ever seen.
“For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom…..”  Mark 13:8
Commentary By Am Not Ashamed

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  1. The “Western Babylon” is both allowing and pushing, on different levels, for aggression against Israel. Tacit approval is given to those who hate Israel, not to mention huge amounts of financial “aid”, most of which goes to buy armaments to use against Israel!!

    We are seeing a filthy satanic plan worked out by those who sit in high levels of human government, who are serving the “principalities and powers” in the heavenly places. It is a gigantic chess game for the control of the Adamic race.

    A “last ditch” effort is being made by the “father of lies” to destroy the Whole House of Israel, but he will come up against the Eternal WORD+ of YHWH in Flaming Fire, WHO+ will end the conflict forever.

    Children of the LORD+, let us make it our business to stand firm and to Overcome. Pray for the PESCE+ of Jerusalem.


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