Confused Sadness






This morning I sense a confused sadness across the nation and the world. Everyone’s hand seems to be against everyone else’s hand.

Our LORD+ foretold that “nation would rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom”. Even the churches, which should be the “pillar and ground of the TRUTH+,”  have abandoned TRUTH+ and are in chaos and confusion.


The “church” or religious system seems “burned out”, and is intent on showing the world how broad-minded and all-accepting  it is. After all, we have that new sanctuary to think about raising funds for, and we need new carpeting. And those pews, so old. They would not attract new members!


Even the secular and worldly people seem to be sad and going toward depression. The big games are over, gifts unwrapped, the fine foods are now just left-overs. It’s back to work as usual. ” Maybe I can swing that new Corvette? Or maybe a Lexus would be more practical. If I can just convince the bankers that I can swing that and pay them promptly.”


It would probably make me feel better, like there is something to live for, something to look forward to.


What do I do?

Where do I turn? It feels so strange.



   Human beings were created to live and walk with and talk with The Eternal GOD, with their Maker, their Source. Apart from this, human life is empty and meaningless. NO AMOUNT of material things can substitute for this ONE, ABSOLUTE NECESSITY in human existence. It is imperative to know GOD and live and breath with HIM+ day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. 


   We are only here a few short decades at best. JESUS said, “I have come that they might have Life and have it more Abundantly.” ( John:10-10 )  Only in this fact will we find both Life and Peace.


Only in this fact will we find out WHY we EXIST.


 Our race of created beings, the Adamic race, lost what it originally was. The glory that was once ours was stolen from us by deceit and lies. It was gleefully taken from us by the father of lies.


The Eternal GOD sent forth  an Eternal part of HIMSELF, HIS Eternal SON+ and WORD+ to rescue us from death, darkness, and blindness. HE+ came from the Bosom of The FATHER to bring us back to HIM, to all who choose to come.


        Only in this can we know the real and true meaning of our existence.  We are not here to spend our few short years paying off loans for one material thing after another, or to consume endless amounts of foods, or to show others what fine clothes we wear or how many degrees we have. 


 WE are here for one purpose: to Know our Eternal GOD and FATHER, to learn to walk with HIM+ and live with HIM+ now, and to extend that into all Eternity with HIM+ in HIS+ Eternal Habitations.


JESUS said, “In My FATHERS House are many dwelling places. I+ go to prepare a place for you, and I+ will come and receive you unto MYSELF+  so that where I+ AM you will be there also”.







       In The Love of JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA MESSIAH our LORD and our LIFE.


                            Amen + + +  


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  1. Reblogged this on Monica Micaela and commented:
    This is so true!


  2. What a timely post as millions are as you say busy taking time for traditions, but leaving out the learning of scripture. Not many seek God as the world keeps them busy.
    Scripture is crystal clear on all God wants us to do to serve him. If christmas was not a tradition of men that makes void the word of God, it would of been plainly stated right after the birth of his Son we would then celebrate christmas……But it is not! A good point is if Jesus died 2,000 years ago and christmas was invented a couple hundred years ago then what happened to the 1,800 years we were to honor this holiday? (holy day). Very good post showing us once again Gods ways are far from man’s ways. God Bless You.


    • Thank you Sister Julia. I notice that many suffer from a “letdown” and even depression after all of the feasting, gifting, eating and drinking is over. Then they must return to “real life” as it were. The LORD+ is not that way, but is CONSTANT. There is no variation or shadow of turning in HIM+. There is NO let down! There is battle, yes, from the adversary, but NO let down!

      I was ministering in a prison a few years ago and the inmates became very puzzled that I did not “do” the normal Christmas traditions! They said; ” He is a Christian and yet he does not even celebrate JESUS’ birthday???” They were totally perplexed, knowing only the traditions of men!

      Of course most of them were “nowhere” with our LORD+. I was able, by Grace, to share the TRUTH of CHRIST with them, that the Eternal SON+ of GOD became Flesh … Incarnate … in order to save us from eternal death and to give us Life with HIMSELF+ for all eternity, TO THOSE WHO WOULD REPENT and TURN FROM SIN, and COME TO HIM+ IN TRUTH !!

      I hope that helped them. I left that situation shortly thereafter, so do not know any results, but The LORD+ used the season to witness to a group of convicts, who truly did not know anything except what they could see or had experienced in there mostly tragic lives.

      So while I do not “do” Christmas traditions or get involved in the man-made chaos, I do remember in a quiet and personal way the Incarnation, the Overshadowing by the HOLY SPIRIT of the Hebrew virgin Mariam. I do this with Scripture readings and worship and thanksgiving before the LORD+. It is personal and quiet.

      I am VERY thankful for the great KINDNESS and GENTLE Mercy our Heavenly FATHER has shown to us, and HIS Great Patience toward the Adamic race, in sending HIS Beloved+ to us.

      HIS Great Heart has been hurt by us many times, and yet HE picks us up to HIS Bosom. May the LORD+ help us by HIS Grace to return HIS Great Love.
      Bless you, Julia


      • Hayden………I too have had said to me if I’m a christian why don’t I celebrate christmas?, of course this is a blessing to be able to speak the truth of the word of our Father. Whether it is accepted is not on us as we all have the chance to question and find answer’s in scripture for ourselves. I so remember questioning why I was not finding all the feasting and celebrating happening around me UNTIL my Father revealed why and the search was over Praise God! Many Blessing To You.


  3. Double Amen along with the fact we are to go and tell others and make disciples of them, both men and nations.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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