Watch Therefore….

JESUS said; "What I say unto you I say unto all, WATCH
JESUS said, “What I say unto you I say unto all WATCH !”


Hear the Words of Our LORD+ …. 


Matthew 24: 42-44



Watch therefore: 

for you know not what hour your Lord will come.


But know this,

 that if the goodman of the house had known 

at what hour the thief would come, 

he would have watched, 

and would not have allowed his house 

to be broken into.


Therefore be ye also ready: 

for in such an hour as ye think not 

the SON+ of MAN cometh.


+ + + 

Be alert. Watch and Pray. Pray without ceasing

Be alert. Watch and Pray. Pray without ceasing.


The words of Our SAVIOR to us at this time on earth is: 

 Watch !  Be  ready ! 


For what, exactly, are you watching ? 


Are you awaiting… simply putting in time … treading spiritual water in one spiritual place … until you are snatched out of here, away into Heaven as some modern groups have taught ? 


NO !

There are things given to us in Scriptures that we are told are definite signs of our LORD’S return  to this earth in Power and Great Glory.

For instance, see Revelation 8:8, John saw , ” A great mountain, burning with fire was cast into the sea,  and a third of the sea creatures died, and a third of the ships at sea were destroyed.


On December 10th…

a report was made public that a well known Russian astronomer has seen a huge asteroid, the size of a mountain, coming toward the earth. It will enter earth’s orbital system soon. Does this bear watching? YES! No doubt science will argue and debate over what this huge rock will or will not do, (as they always do!). 

However, we know from the Prophetic Word that this event WILL happen at some point. It is certain!

If this should be that mountain shown to John by The LORD+,

we will ALL know about it! 


For the first time in history human beings can see things taking place

that we were warned about by the Eternal HOLY SPIRIT 2,000 years ago.

This is one example. There are many more. 


Our coming LORD told us to be alert and ready for battle… a battle for souls !  And this battle is a fight for YOUR soul and mine. 


We must be watchful, lest at any time our steadfastness should slip. We must be alert lest we fall into a snare.

Hedonism (worship of pleasure), and materialism are the “twin gods” of the western nations, and they are true snares !


The apostle Paul — yes, even that great Apostle —

has warned us to take heed for our souls, like he did for his. 


 I Cor 9: 27 

But I keep under my body,

and bring it into subjection:

lest that by any means,

when I have preached to others,

I myself should be a castaway.


Disciplining your body and bringing it into subjection to the WORD OF GOD, in every area of life, strengthens you in the spiritual warfare. 


Are you ready for the great testing ? For the time of tribulation? JESUS told us to WATCH AND PRAY, lest we fall. We are not appointed to GOD’S Wrath. That is for satan and his followers.

However the wrath of the adversary will come after US, the Body of CHRIST.

 TESTING is promised.

But it is plain from scripture that we are given Strength to OVERCOME by the BLOOD of the LAMB+ and by the Word of our Testimony!

 Remember, Scripture says,

“The Testimony of JESUS is the SPIRIT of Prophecy.”


How is your strength tested ?  


Strength is tested when an adversary challenges you to a match. 

This match, however, is not of your own choosing and it will not be put off for a more convenient time.

It is Divinely Appointed and it will test your faith to the utmost.

(Rev. 3:10)

It is the Tribulation that JESUS spoke of, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Will you stand or fall ?  


You will not have time to return to the gymnasium

and train for  this match, however. 


This training occurs DAILY as you choose to pick up your Cross and die to Self. There is no “cramming” possible for this exam.


Yes, we do indeed watch for His+ 2nd Coming, but before that… the battle will be with the diabolical thief ,

who comes to steal our faith and our souls if at all possible..

Remember, he is a serpent and a total deceiver, a liar and the father of lies.

Soak yourself in The WORDS of our LORD+. Let HIS+ Word rule your life in every area.

HIS+ words are Spirit and they are Life.

When you do this, you will be prepared for the battle.


Are you ready ? 


Let us pray:


O Christ our ROCK+, WHO+ came to ready a people for YOURSELF+, help me to stand for YOU+ my LORD and my Life..  


Help me to stand for YOUR+ glory, in the face of all opposition to YOUR+ Name. 


Let YOUR+ Truth live in me so strongly so that I cannot yield and kiss the dirt, when demon-led people tell me to bow to their activities and proclaim them “right.” 


O ROCK+ of Ages, I hide myself in YOU+.

 Cover me there with YOUR+ Hand, O Blessed Savior.

Cover me with YOUR+ most Precious Blood,

and Cloth me with YOUR Blessed HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE.

Heavenly FATHER, I ask these thing in the Name of  YOUR Precious and Beloved SON+, JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA ha MOSHIACH, our LORD 


CHRIST The KING+ ever reigns on High; 

 Come, Let us adore HIM+ !



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  2. This post so reminds me how people will be so busy playing church and relying solely on th man in the pulpit, than to open scripture themselves and learn the real ruth God will reveal. Thank You so much for this remarkable article to open the eyes and ears of all who are seeking truth! God Bless You.


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