CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR SAEED 2014- Join the International Campaign!

Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith, since September 2012. Practically without representation, the Iranian government sentenced Pastor Saeed to eight years in prison after convicting him of “undermining” the government by spreading his religious beliefs. Saeed had previously worked with house churches in Iran.

In a prior detainment, the Iranian government had Pastor Saeed sign a document promising he would not proselytize and he upheld his side of the bargain. Having a heart for orphans, Saeed visited family and was organizing board members for a government approved orphanage that he was starting for Iranian children regardless of their faith. During this trip in 2012, he was taken and held by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Since his detainment, Pastor Saeed has endured psychological/physical torture, because he will not deny his Christian faith. These beatings have caused him to suffer internal bleeding, while medical care was withheld for months. the treatment he finally received has been minimal. Abedini’s health is of great concern. He continues to experience increased stomach pain as he is denied necessary medication and treatment, including the much needed surgery recommended by prison doctors.

Last November, Saeed was transferred from Evin Prison, a facility for political prisoners, to Rajai Shahr Prison, one of the deadliest prisons in Iran. He is now held where hardened prisoners have unfettered access to him. Saeed is languishing not only in the horrific conditions at the prison, but in grave danger at the hands of cellmates. He has received death threats and has even been threatened at knifepoint.

The failed nuclear talks between the U.S and Iran has now been extended for 7 more months. Pastor Saeed Abedini will likely spend another Christmas in the Iranian prison.

For the past two years, the Abedini family has faced one disappointment after another. The current Administration’s lack of ability, or lack of concern has failed to secure the release of this American citizen, husband and father of two young children.

His wife, Naghmeh Abedini who has spent two years tirelessly campaigning for her husband’s release, expressed her deep disappointment.

“I am beyond heartbroken. While I have never wanted my husband to be a pawn in these political negotiations, I recognize that his freedom might be tied to our government being able to reach a final deal.  The thought of waiting another 7 months for resolution sounds unbearable at this time.”

Though many have been devastated that Pastor Saeed’s release has not been procured by the U.S. during agreement talks with Iran, UNTIL HE’S BACK HOME with his family, the American people and many others from around the world will not give up in their efforts and demands for his release!

It is hard to imagine what Saeed must be going through as he suffers in chains for Christ. It is painful to think about the grief his wife and two young children are experiencing in his absence. They too have been forced to share in the suffering of persecution.

Once again, Voice of the Persecuted has organized an International Christmas Campaign Mission, endorsed by his wife, Nagmeh Abedini to REMEMBER SAEED ON CHRISTMAS.

This holiday season is the perfect time for us to flood Rajaei-Shahr Prison with messages and share this Christmas with Saeed! JOIN with us to let him & Iran know that he WILL NOT be forgotten! With Christ & our prayers, he is NEVER alone.

Nearly one thousand have already joined the campaign within the first few days!

We encourage you to write a personal letter of encouragement and Christmas greetings to Pastor Saeed. You can personalize the card or letter by sending a family photo. Younger children may participate by sending a drawing, encouraging him in this time of trial. Most likely the guards will read these cards and letters. Include in your message, the love Jesus has for us and the ultimate gift of sacrifice that Christ gave for all people. Sharing this with them may be the first and only time they will get to read about what Christ has done for them. Pray the Lord touches their hearts!

Your help is crucial in making this mission a success!


Share often, motivate others to care, you CAN make a difference and bring joy in this world! Help us spread this mission around the world to start sending love and light to Iran. REMEMBERING SAEED ON CHRISTMAS!


When writing your cards or letters, please do not state anything negative about the Iranian government. Do not mention any foreign organization, or church that is supporting the efforts to free Christian prisoners. While it is safe for prisoners to receive encouraging letters, naming an organization or church, or criticizing the Iranian government could potentially place Pastor Saeed in more harm. Please do not do anything to make matters any worse for him.

Send your cards and letters to:

Saeed Abedinigalangashi

Rajaei-Shahr Prison  Moazzen Blvd

Karaj, Islamic Republic of Iran

P.O. Box: 31485–498

Return Address: You can use the prison’s address as the return address. Based on your location in the world, sending cards and letters to Iran may have a higher postage rate. Postage is approx. $1.15 if mailed from the U.S. using a global stamp. Recommended: Please check with your local Postal Office to be sure. And thank you for joing with us to remember Saeed this Christmas!

Don’t worry if the cards and letters don’t make it by Christmas, what’s important is that they ARRIVE!

Join and Share the campaign on Facebook to get updates, share photos of your cards and let his family know that they are in your heart this Christmas! JOIN HERE

Remember to make your VOICE heard! Sign the petition to help free Saeed at

Thank you for sharing this campaign. May God bless you.

A message from the Abedini children: Dear President Obama, Please Help Bring Our Daddy Home

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