Blood of the LAMB+



The Blood of The LAMB+

It has been years since I was wondering what kind of Blood our LORD+ would have flowing in HIS+ Resurrected and Ascended and Glorified Body.

HE+ was the Second Adam, our Deliverer, and told the Apostles, “Handle me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see me to have.”

And then HE+ asked them if they had food close by, which they did, and HE+ ate fish and some honeycomb;

as they watched!

Obviously HE+ was now glorified and in a new kind of Body, as HE+ could now go through walls and come and go into the midst of the disciples in an instant.

Our Risen LORD+ must have had Blood of some kind flowing in HIS+ Risen Body, as HE+ was still the Second Adam, the “Prototype” of what HIS+ Children and followers will be in the Resurrection of the Righteous unto Eternal Life.


So, I was asking our LORD+ about these things,

and pondering them all, over and over in my thoughts.


I was in the Smoky Mountains at the time, resting that night in a place called Pigeon Forge. It was very quiet and late in the evening, and I went outside to walk and pray.


I was still asking the LORD+ about the things mentioned above, thinking that our Precious LORD+ must have Blood of some kind in HIS Glorious Risen Body.

There is no one to ask about these things except HIM+ you know.


As I walked along the main street that runs through that small and quiet (at that time, several years ago) mountain town, I looked up and along the road, off to the grass side of the sidewalk, and there I saw the LORD+, standing, straight and majestic, looking in my direction. I stopped transfixed and watched.


HE+ was in brilliant clothing and surrounding HIM+ completely on every side was a transparent or translucent  beautiful red color, like an “aura” or “force-field, a glow so to speak.

( I don’t know how to describe it better .)


I stood quietly and watched, and the red translucent aura had a faint pulsating effect, like a heartbeat! 


This Blood would be very different Blood.


Then HE+ was gone and there was only the quiet night and crickets chirping.


The ancient Church of the Apostles, first and second century, taught that our LORD’S Blood infused both the Baptismal waters and the elements of Communion, so that HIS+ followers were in close and intimate communion with HIM+ in both of these ordinances appointed by our LORD+.


So of course it would have to be a very different and supernatural type of Blood that could do this.


This was very much a blessing to me and an answer to prayer,

since I had been asking the LORD+ about these things.


 HE+ is so kind and patient with us who know so little about heavenly things.

In HIS+ Kindness HE+ answers HIS+ children.


Eye has not seen or ear heard the things that GOD has prepared for those who love HIM+, but GOD has revealed them unto us by HIS SPIRIT, for the SPIRIT searches ALL things, yes, even the deep things of GOD.


1 Corinthians 2: 9-10


Commander and Chief,

Great High Priest at FATHER’S Right Hand,

Making Intercession for us continually.

Come soon LORD JESUS

AMEN + + +  




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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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