Christian battle 2
Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer ( on this sad earth only ) by Jean Leon Gerome


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted,

and shall kill you:

and ye shall be hated of ALL NATIONS


Matthew 24:9

Our Lord JESUS CHRIST gave these words of warning to those who would follow HIM+.

As HE+ was treated so they would be treated; they should not be shocked nor offended when it happened.

HE+ also warned that MANY would be offended at HIM+ and would betray others who love HIM+ because lawlessness would abound and love for HIM+ and HIS+ followers would grow cold.

WE can see in our own day that the “judas church” has betrayed The SON+ of GOD, crucifying HIM+ afresh, putting HIM+ to open shame.

The world mocks the organized “church” because it teaches those who come into it to ignore the commandments of our Lord JESUS CHRIST and the instructions of HIS+ hand-picked Apostles.  Instead, the “judas church” teaches them to practice empty “religiousity” with HIS+ Name painted on it.

JESUS said,

“Why do you call me Lord, and do not the things I+  say?”

The world, the secular humanists, the occultists, the pagans, the muslims, all mock at the prostitute religious system that uses HIS+ Name but refuses to walk in HIS+ Way. The so-called “church” system has made itself a laughing stock. The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD has departed … and this church in this age is not even aware of it. 

For the TRUE followers and Disciples of our LORD+, this is a repulsive thing. They desire to be among the faithful and true ones who bring joy to their MASTER+.

In the world-wide persecution that lies just ahead of us here, the real followers of The SON+ of GOD will be singled out to be treated just as HE+ was treated. The whole house of Israel will be targeted, however,  our LORD+ is in control. YES!

There will be NO protection from ANY government sources for the Disciples of our LORD+ as there was none for HIM+. Our ONLY protection and defense will be from HIM+.

The religious community, the ruling government authorities, and the local government officials,  all joined together to do the worst they could to GOD’S Beloved SON+, the LAMB+ of GOD.

It will be this way for us too. Christians will be labeled as “the enemies of the human race” as they were in the days of the Roman Empire! 

As all can see, in the U.S.A. at this time, from the highest national sources, our LORD MESSIAH+ is mocked and blasphemed by the hired “serpent-mouth” and those of the same quality who have been gathered around him, by those 10 horns who are beginning their war with The LAMB+.

The killing machines that are hired and equipped by them are seeking to exterminate the Christians from the lands where the Gospel of Life went forth from  the beginning.

Not much is being said

or done

by the Western nations!

The U.N. is quiet and complacent,

a willing puppet of the 10 horns.

Christians are being slaughtered in other places like Africa.

Not much of anything is being said or done,

except by serious Christians

who want to bring relief to their brothers and sisters.

It is planned that this slaughter of Christians will spread to other places and nations by the same methods that have spread it thus far: by the lying and sinister backroom plans of those “10 servants of satan”, those 10 horns, who have NO kingdom as yet, but will receive power as kings for a SHORT time, one hour only, with the beast, when they will pour ALL of their resources into that same beast.

Who can make war with the beast??

There is ONE+ Who+ will!!

HE+ is KING+ of kings and LORD+ of lords,

and HE+ will destroy the beast,

and all who have given in and served the beast and taken his mark

so they can have their material goods and ease, for a few more days.

We must prepare our hearts to stand firm for our LORD+. Many supernatural things will come from our LORD+ to assist and help us as we stand for HIM+.

Yes! There will be many martyrs for our LORD+ MESSIAH, but it will not be a “walkover” for the lying adversary and his servants.

The LORD+ will hammer their filthy kingdom

and their evil plans,

and will lay them even with the dust.

It is time for much Prayer,

for fasting,


Do not…

be distracted with the affairs of this life and let these things come upon you while you are distracted.  Do what you need to do, or must do, but no more.

Do not …

be tricked into being consumed with the cares of this life and let these things come upon you unaware.  Set your affection on things above and do not love the toys and playthings and distractions of this world.

They are a snare of satan.

Be prepared body, soul, and spirit for those things that are coming upon this generation. As they have hated our LORD+, they  will hate us also.

For as a SNARE, a TRAP, it shall come on all of them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.        Luke; 21:35

Watch and Pray always.

They cannot touch HIM+ at all, so they will take out their hatred and anger on those of us who adore and follow our Precious Savior+ Who+ is our Life.


The world will turn its wrath on the Body of CHRIST,

but The LORD our GOD

will turn HIS+ WRATH ON THEM ! 

  Watch and see!



help us to Overcome,

and to stand with You+, Blessed LAMB+ of GOD,

through the endless eternal ages. Amen + + +

In CHRIST’S Great Love,  

In the Name of


And of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+

our LORD,

And of HIS Blessed Eternal SPIRIT

Amen + + + 

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  1. As the true followers of Christ know we are the temple built in him.(Psalm127:1)…… Jesus is the true foundation we are built upon! To preach his word where he is named would be to built upon another foundation.(Romans 15:20). God Bless You.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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