The harlot “church” in City of baal D.C. invited the haters of the LORD JESUS CHRIST into their midst to blaspheme HIS+ most Holy and Precious Name, which they did. 

Yesterday these same haters of the LORD JESUS gathered outside of the same unholy edifice and chanted their blasphemies again, demanding that JESUS be removed from the edifice!! 

What did the “ecceliastical”  authorities expect? Sweet harmony?? The folly of fools is plain to everyone.      

Hear these words of warning and alarm:

   Woe unto the Laodicean church system that has rejected the Words and Authority of CHRIST in their lives and has taught others to do that as well.

Woe to the Laodicean church that teaches total compromise with the world, with the flesh, and with the devil.

Woe unto the Laodicean church that does membership drives to add more “members”, and when they gain them, make them twice the child of hell as they themselves.

Woe unto the Laodicean non-church which says all “good” people go to some heaven somewhere and there are many ways to “god”. WHAT GOD??

Woe to the Laodicean church that invites haters of the Cross of the SON of GOD into their midst to mock and blaspheme HIS+ Holy Name. 

Laodicean church, you have destroyed yourselves. You are VOMITED out because you are DISGUSTING and your stench has reached unto Heaven. 

Fools and blind, you have denied and crucified The SON of GOD in front of the whole world and put HIM+ to an open shame, so that you could have their worthless approval.  Now they mock you, laugh at your pathetic treachery, and will have your collective heads on a platter to present to the demon that they serve.

As I+ have cried to you to REPENT and to turn back to ME+ and you have not heard, so when you cry to ME+ to deliver you from those who desire to destroy you, I+ will not hear you.

I+ will give you into the hands of those with whom you have compromised, DENYING ME+ before them.

                      This is what The LORD+ says about it

To ANY serious Christian who is still in any of the CHRIST- denying and rejecting organizations, leave them QUICKLY!

 It is better to be two or three together in CHRIST’S Hands than to be VOMITED OUT, to be claimed by satan and share his portion in the Lake of Fire  which is the Second Death. 

Hurry to do this! The Laodicean church is REJECTED and is an OFFENCE unto GOD. 

The LORD GOD is not going to protect or support those who DENY and BLASPHEME HIS Beloved SON. HE is NOT interested in playing religious games or promoting theological lies.

            This is what The LORD+ says about this situation: 


You are an OFFENSE unto ME+

Judgment begins at the house of GOD.

Prepare yourselves for it… 


       This is what the LORD+ says about it.

                              Amen + + +

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4 replies

  1. Wow! But what is the Laodicean church?


    • JESUS tells us what the Laodicean church is in Revelation 3:14 -22.
      It is a church that uses HIS+ Name but is far from HIM+ and teaches doctrines of men. They use HIS+ Name but deny HIM+ in life.
      They are not hot or cold but are lukewarm. JESUS says that for this reason HE+ will spew/vomit them out of HIS+ Body

      They are rich and have all material things and feel that material possessions make them right. But verse 17 shows them their true condition.
      Even to the Laodicean church JESUS gives a warning to repent and turn back so they do not perish. HE+ does not want them to destroy themselves, but the action of repentance must be taken.

      Revelation 3:14 – 22 paints a picture of this church and how it behaves itself, Hope this was helpful. May the LORD+ bless you.

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  2. Amen! Jesus said “if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father.” Thank you.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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