CAIR, Muslim American Society Designated as Terrorist Organizations

This is something that those of us who are awake and watching have known for years.  There are a few who have been warning since the beginning of 2008.  That the outspoken, intolerant, CAIR  claims that anyone who speaks out about Islam is Islamaphobic is a terrorist organization.  They are a part of the muslim brotherhood, and other’s like Hamas, and Hezbollah.  They have visited and some say infiltrated our government.  They have made multiple visits to the White House, and I guarantee you they did not have to leave by the trash dump as Prime Minister Netanyahu was forced to do.  Read More  And remember we have just allowed the first proclamation that Jesus is not god’s son, as Allah has no son, from our National Cathedral.  Read More.  I am quite sure that the west will scramble to say this is not true, but as events of the recent years have unfolded we see differently.

via CAIR, Muslim American Society Designated as Terrorist Organizations – YouTube.

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  1. It is quite obvious that all islamic organizations are welcome at the house that is called white,

    They are treated with utmost respect because these islamic groups hate the SON of GOD just like the resident of the house that is called white.

    The resident there is the pet serpent of the CEOs who are running the “master plan”. He says and does exactly what he is told to say and do. He has been groomed and financed for a LONG time to do exactly what he is doing.

    There has been a line of these types that have each done their little part, so that this man can do the part he is doing now! I know this sounds strange but what we are seeing now is not an overnight anomaly. It has been in the works for a good while. It’s the “frog in the boiling water” scenario.

    There are other parts to this that are being stealthfully worked out every day. The CEOs think they are so clever!

    HE Who sees and knows the end from the beginning will soon show them the “back trash door”, and will perhaps dump them into the dumpster on the way out!

    To all of the Called-Out” ones, take courage. Amen + + +


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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