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The Hammer of YHWH against Babylon


“Is not MY WORD+ like a fire, ”  says The LORD,

“and like a HAMMER that breaks the rock in pieces?”

Jeremiah 23:29


A hammer may be used for building things or for destroying things. The LORD says that HIS WORD+, through Whom+ ALL things were created, is like a HAMMER+.

HIS WORD+ is also like a FIRE+

Fire may also be used to create or to destroy.

It can transform metals into a workable consistency.

It can cleanse and purify.


On the other hand, if the Fire is hot enough

it can VAPORIZE material things,

reducing them to a gaseous state.


It is taught in Scripture that JESUS  WILL baptize us with The HOLY SPIRIT and with FIRE, Whose fan is in HIS+ Hand,


And HE+ will thoroughly purge HIS+ floor,

gathering HIS+ wheat into HIS+ garner,

but will burn the chaff with fire unquenchable.


HE+ is The Baptizer.

The WORD+ of GOD is also likened in the book of the prophet Jeremiah to a hammer.  A hammer can smash rock  or any material substance into pieces.



can vaporize iron or steel …

or entire universes or galaxies!


If an individual, a city, or a nation lifts itself up against The Eternal GOD, The HAMMER+ of GOD will come against that individual or city or nation to break it into pieces.


This will be for good if repentance comes.


It can also be for destruction if no repentance is forth-coming.


Even the Ninevites were saved from certain destruction by repentance, REAL repentance.


We know that our Heavenly FATHER desires

that ALL come to repentance,

and the knowledge of the TRUTH+.


The WORD+ of YHWH  strikes the evil,

in order that some will see and come to HIM+

in humility and contrition.


Events are brought into a person’s life so that he can see he is mortal and will only be on the earth for a few short decades at most.


Hopefully that person will turn in abject repentance and be able to enter into Eternal Life through The LAMB+ of GOD,  CHRIST our Passover,  Who+ was offered up  on Calvary to take away our sin, and open unto us the Gate of Life.


When any nation or people stand against the HAMMER+ of GOD, when they contradict and fight against HIM+, that nation is brought down and shattered into the dust from which it originated.


The HAMMER+ of GOD is Alive for evermore and is Eternal. Furthermore,  HIS+ Breath holds everything of the material world in place.


Even the atoms and molecules, the basic particles of Creation, hear HIS+ Voice and obey HIS+ Command.


At HIS+ Breath, everything is held together or dissolves into vapor.


It is HE+ Who+ is our  Defender,


our Great High Priest at HIS+ FATHER’S Right Hand.


HE+ is making continual Intercession for us,


HIS+ Called Out ones, HIS+ Bride.


Behold the LAMB+ of GOD Who+

takes away the sins of the world.


Behold the HAMMER+ of GOD,

Who + strikes the feet of the image in Daniel,

shattering the whole image into pieces,

and then fills the whole earth with HIMSELF+

to our great rejoicing and our Eternal JOY.

Rejoice Zion!

Your KING+ comes to you

riding on a Great White Celestial Warhorse

with the Armies of  YHWH with HIM+,

to destroy the gross darkness

that covers the earth,

and to LOCK UP the Adversary

and his minions into the abyss

for the thousand years!


Those who have made war with The LAMB+

shall wail in terror

and seek to hide themselves from HIS+ Wrath!

 There is NO hiding place. 


TRUE Peace+ shall then cover the earth ,

and the whole earth shall blossom

like the rose.

No more poverty.

No more hunger.

No more sickness.

No more war.

And The LORD+ shall Reign Gloriously

from Zion over all the earth.



Receive that which is Yours+ Already.


In the Name of GOD the FATHER ALMIGHTY,

And of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+,

And of HIS Blessed Eternal SPIRIT.

Amen + + +

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  1. Amen! Every time I pray our Lord’s prayer as He commanded us, I long for the kingdom where His will, will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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