Not of this world

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This morning as I sat with the LORD+ in the stillness of the dark early morning, HE+ reminded me that…  “You are not of this world, even as I+ am not of this world.”

I immediately thought of our LORD’S prayer in the Gospel of the Apostle John, Chapter 17.

JESUS states this twice, in verse 14 and again in verse 16. We are no longer bound to the world’s ways, its traditions, or its life-draining culture or activities.

We are now part of a Heavenly Kingdom and are following a Heavenly King+. We have our own ways, our own traditions, our own value system, patterned after the value system of the SON+ of GOD.

We, as Disciples of our LORD+, are now able to sow to the spirit, and not any longer to the flesh, and now can take hold on Eternal Life to which we have been called.

We as followers of our Lord JESUS are not bound to the ways of this age, of endless pursuit of material things, of holding grudges, of getting even, of endless rounds of pleasure-seeking, which only bring death,  sadness, and more loneliness and despair to those who follow them.

Instead of this we have a continual warm and glorious fellowship with our LORD+, the warmth of HIS+ embrace is difficult to describe in words to those who do not know HIM+.

If the world —  relatives, acquaintances, people at work, or whoever it may be —  mock you or hate you for following JESUS, remember:   they have hated HIM+ before they hated you.

 It is an honor to bear reproach

for HIS+ Names’ sake.

And here is a wonderful thing! As The FATHER sent HIS Beloved SON+ into this world, even so has our LORD JESUS now sent us into the world ( verse 18 ).

As HE+ is so are we in this world!

  ( 1 John 4:17 )

There is our pattern, our Example, our Master, our Commander and Chief, going before us, leading the way, and now is making continual intercession for us from HIS+ FATHER’S Right Hand.

The Glory that HIS+ FATHER gave to HIM+,  

HE+ has given to us,

so that we may be one,

as HE+ and HIS+ FATHER are One.

What Glory this is!

And our LORD+ desires that we be with HIM+, where HE+ is,  so that we may behold HIS+ Glory, that Glory that HE+ had with HIS+ FATHER before the world existed.

No, we are NO LONGER of this world, for the world has not known The FATHER or HIS Beloved SON+ whom HE sent forth from HIS Bosom into this world.

But we know HIM+,

and can pour out thanksgiving to HIM continually, that HE has delivered us from death, and brought us into the Kingdom of HIS Beloved SON+,  into HIS marvelous light.

As JESUS robed HIMSELF+ in human flesh, so we robe ourselves within JESUS. We enwrap HIM+ around us, losing ourselves deep within HIS+ Robe, deep within HIMSELF+.

          Put ye on The Lord JESUS CHRIST.

 ( Romans 13:14 )

   Like the Armor of Light, that invisible Divine Barrier against darkness, the LORD JESUS CHRIST shields us from destruction.  

In the same way that HE+ was not of this world, even so we now, by that which HE+ has done for us,  with HIS+ Life, Death, and Resurrection, and HIS+ Ascension to HIS+ FATHERS Right Hand, we also now are not of this world. 

      Thanks be to GOD

Who gives us the Victory

through our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!      

Brothers and Sisters, let us join with our LORD+ and keep each other and the whole Body of CHRIST covered and bathed in prayer.

Interceding for all of the Called-Out ones across the earth,  we await HIS+ appearing in Power and Great Glory to Deliver HIS+ Children and take back the earth to HIMSELF+

HE+ is The VINE+ of Life.

We are HIS+ branches bearing HIS+ Fruits.


In The Name of GOD the FATHER Almighty,

And of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+,

And of HIS Blessed Eternal SPIRIT.

 AMEN + + +


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3 replies

  1. Beautiful post of understanding when we truly follow the savior, this life as we know it is not as interesting as learning of a kingdom where only love will reside. I HEAR YOU my friend, we are stranger’s and pilgrims in a strange land. God Bless You.


  2. Yes we are not of the world for if we are born again in Him we are new creations and so the old man has passed away and we are the firstfruits of our blessed Lord Jesus do go forth and do his works and more here upon this earth. God Word is God’s will.


  3. Amen, this world is not my home, I’m just passing through. Yes we must bathe each other in prayer. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the darkness and wickedness in the world.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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