No Compromise



Not with the world,

Not with the flesh,

NOT with the lying adversary, the devil


For the children of GOD, there is no compromise with this world, not the “religious” world, not the entertainment world, not the economic world, or any other of the sub-categories.

The worship of “self” ceases, eclipsed by the adoration of The ONE Who called all things into being by HIS WORD+, and Who+ has called us away from this world, with all of its death and darkness.

HE+ has called us to walk in a NEW Way, a Way that HE+ was willing to walk before us, leading, guiding showing us how to follow HIM+ in it.

This life, without the SON+ of GOD, is actually a very sad joke.

The world would have us spend our whole lifetime and strength acquiring that which we can never keep, and will mock us if we do not do that. 

But as the Apostle says, “We brought NOTHING into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out of it.”

Indeed in HIS Great Love, in HIS desire to reveal HIMSELF to the creatures HE made, HE sent forth from Himself  HIS own Image and Likeness, HIS Beloved SON, HIS Eternal WORD, to walk and live for a brief time among us.

HE+ actually became one of the race of creatures that HE had made in the beginning.

We are not to be conformed to the world’s ways and standards, but are to be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our minds, by the strength of the HOLY SPIRIT.

This world is passing away and all of its ways will soon be gone.

We,  in the Strength of the HOLY SPIRIT, are already beginning to walk in the ways and under the RULER+ of that Age that is to come.

With the Apostle we say, “We are crucified WITH CHRIST, never the less we live, yet not we but CHRIST IN US, and the LIFE we now live in the flesh, we live by the faith of the SON+ of GOD, Who+ Loves us and gave HIMSELF+ for us”.

Therefore, we give ourselves BACK to HIM+, by the grace of the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.

To this world and the father of lies we say:


+  +  +


The Flesh


For the children of GOD the battle with the flesh is one that involves many subtle attacks of the adversary and his minions against us at our weakest points.  We desire to walk rightly before our LORD+ and to give forth a pure witness in front of the world as HIS+ disciples and representatives.

The adversary does not want that and will do anything to prevent it. If possible he will make us to stumble in front the world, in front of those who are the LORD’S+ enemies. Many times it will be “the flesh” that is attacked to accomplish this.

Remember that the Apostle Paul says he knew that “In me, that is in my flesh dwells no good thing.”

Therefore he, Paul, kept his flesh under subjection, as a fortification against these assaults. This is why regular times of prayer and setting aside times of stillness with our LORD+ are SO important.  

Our LORD+ did this as a regular part of HIS+ time here on the earth; so should we.

Times of fasting also, even partial fasting, can be of great help in staying focused on who we are and Who+ our LORD+ is.

Our adversary the devil prowls about seeking whom he may devour or destroy. The devil, satan, does not just want to trip us up; he wants to seriously hurt us, destroy our witness, and if possible to kill us.

Every time

we bear witness to CHRIST


an affront to the “enemy.”


But, we have authority from The Eternal WORD+ of GOD behind us now. We can resist “the liar” and he will have to flee from the fiery Sword of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Remember your armor!

10 Finally, my brethren,

be strong in the LORD,

and in the power of His might.


11 Put on the whole armour of GOD,

that you may be able to stand

against the wiles of the devil.


12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,

but against principalities, against powers,

against the rulers of the darkness

of this world,

against spiritual wickedness in high places.


1Wherefore take unto you

the whole armour of God,

that ye may be able to withstand

in the evil day, and having done all,

to stand.


14 Stand therefore,

having your loins girded about with truth,

and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

15 And your feet shod with the preparation

of the gospel of peace;


16 Above all, taking the shield of faith,

with which you shall be able to quench

all the fiery darts of the wicked.

17 And take the helmet of salvation,

and the sword of the Spirit,

which is the Word+ of God:


18 Praying always with all prayer

and supplication in the Spirit,

and watching thereunto with all perseverance

and supplication for all saints;

The Apostle’s words from The HOLY SPIRIT,  Ephesians 6


Remember, our LORD+ has gone before us,

being tempted in all points like we are, yet with NO SIN.

Through HIM+ we can defeat the father of lies.

Because HE+ has overcome,

we can overcome also,

through HIM+

in the Strength of the HOLY SPIRIT.



with the lying adversary, the devil !


Every obedience



a lightening strike

AGAINST the lying adversary.

The adversary, you see, LIKES Christians

who refuse to DO anything JESUS says !


These kinds of Christians are an easy prey for satan,

and will give a terrible witness to the world around them.

Every time we say “NO” to the world

and its ways and values,

 is a defeat for the “enemy”.

Our LORD+ taught us how to fight HIS+ way!


Blessed be the LORD+ my Strength

which teaches my hands to war,

and my fingers to fight.

(Psalm 144:1)

Our Brother John Baptist said by the  HOLY SPIRIT,

HE+ that comes after me is MIGHTIER than I…..

HE+ shall Baptize you with the HOLY SPIRIT and with FIRE.”


We have been given POWER over the adversary by JESUS our LORD.

It is woven together with our loving obedience to HIS+ Word to us.

JESUS said that those who love HIM+, keep HIS+ commandments.

We are baptized into HIS+ death and we rise to walk in new Life, HIS+ Life.

For any Disciple of The LORD JESUS who walks closer and closer to HIM+ in an obedient, love-faith relationship,

that one the enemy will be afraid of.


In the days that are ahead of us, the followers of The SON+ of GOD will be asked, or ordered. to compromise .

This we will not do for it will involve siding with those who are the enemies of our LORD+… those who are serving satan with their programs and resources.

Therefore we obey our LORD+ and NOT men.


The war will be on full force

for the possession of the earth

and the possession and control

of the the Adamic race.


The Body of CHRIST, the “Called-Out” ones, will be the ones standing between the kingdom of darkness and death, and their program.

 The Disciples of the MESSIAH wield the Sword of the HOLY SPIRIT and are clothed in that same HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE.

All disciples of our LORD+ must make it a priority to draw near to HIM+ in times of prayer and of waiting upon HIM+ and listening to HIS+ direction.

Our Strength comes from the VINE+ that we are attached to.

The lying adversary is afraid of HIM+ and the POWER of HIS+ shed Blood and is afraid of those who are actively attached to HIM+.

Therefore, there is NO compromise with the lying adversary or his lying servants, for our LORD+ is going to destroy the kingdom of death and darkness with the BRIGHTNESS of HIS+ Holy appearing.

The battle will be hard, but the VICTORY is ASSURED.

There is no compromise for us,

Not with the world,

Not with the flesh,

Not with the devil.




And of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+,

And of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT.

Amen + + +


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