Photo " Grace", 1918 by Eric Enstrom  Cportesy of

Photo ” Grace”, 1918
by Eric Enstrom
Courtesy of



. . .    in a Christian’s life there are things that are in him or her that must needs be reshaped or remolded by the working of the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives.

Our Precious LORD+, Scripture says, learned obedience through the things which HE+ suffered ( Hebrews 5:8 ).

I remember the first time I read that I said,  “Oh, surely that cannot be!! It must mean something else!”

But no.

It meant exactly what it said. The Eternal SON of GOD, The Eternal WORD of YHWH, became a man for our sakes. HE+ submitted HIMSELF+ to learning obedience through those things which HE+ suffered as a man.

It would seem reasonable that we, as true disciples, would also need to be subject to learning obedience through those things which HE+ allows to come into our lives.

When we are born from above — generated from above — we are washed from our sins, we are made new … old things have passed away.

However, we are newborns.

Now the growth process begins.

We are to be conformed unto the image of The ONE+ Who+ begot us by HIS+ Own Blood. We are to take on HIS+ Image and Likeness.

Although our sins are gone now and we have a clean slate as newborns, there are times when The LORD+ will allow things into our lives that will help to shape us and to “sculpt” us into that new man.

Sometimes these things do not seem pleasant at all, and these events are different for everyone. The LORD+ knows each of us very intimately. . .  every thought of our heart, every cell and fiber of our being, every weakness, every strength.  We are not always capable of choosing the things that will make us grow, so HE+ chooses them for us.

Before I was afflicted, 

I went astray; 

But now

have I kept Thy+ Word.

Psalm 119: 67

In my case, I was a very bull-headed and self centered man. I did not want to be that way. I just was. Some was  inherited from natural family lines, some just because of my Adamic nature. But now in CHRIST I had Help, ONE+ Who+ would reshape me in HIM+.

Some years ago I was going for a job interview in Michigan in November!  I had wanted this job and was willing to take what was for me an unpleasant drive. I asked the LORD+ for the job, but did not wait on HIM+ nor ask seriously for HIS+ counsel. There was still flotsam and jetsam in me from the old man, I am sorry to say.

On the way to the interview, I hit an ice-covered bridge on the Interstate and shattered the windshield with my head. It happened so quickly! The car was totally destroyed and I almost left this world that night. Thankfully, it was not GOD’S will that I leave this earth but remain and learn to yield my whole life into HIS+ Hands.


I learned long-suffering, to lean on HIM+, for every moment of my existence,  for every step, for every hour of sleep.


Most importantly, I learned to yield my will to HIM+ and not go to the right hand or to the left hand without asking for and waiting on HIS+ DIRECTION . . .   and listening for HIS+ answer.

HE+ never fails to guide

those who are willing to be guided

and to train

those who are willing to be trained.


And I learned that no good thing will HE+ withhold from those who walk uprightly, those who desire to please HIM+  more than Self.

Others have learned this also.

Some who are more teachable, more willing to slow down and listen to HIS+ Voice, have not had to experience this kind of discipline.

However,  one thing is certain:


All of us


be trained by HIM+

in a way that is suited

to what we need,

so that we may overcome with HIM+.

(Rev. 3:21)


Those HE+ Loves HE+ corrects and chastens  (Hebrews 12).  How wonderful for us that HE+ does.

I was very limited or handicapped for some years from all of this. However, as I was walking on a country road (the only exercise I could do at the time), I was interceding and praying Psalms and Scripture portions as I walked. The LORD+ HEALED me right then! HE+ returned strength into my weak body. It was as though I was struck by Friendly Heavenly Lightening!!  I felt it!  I said,   “What was that? ”

From that time on strength returned.

All of this is to say that we too must learn obedience through the things which we suffer, as our Precious LORD+ did.

I know, O LORD,

that Thy+ judgments are right, 

and that THOU in faithfulness

hast afflicted me.

Psalm 119:75

It is better to agree with our LORD+ in ALL things, to deny ourselves and take up the Cross and follow HIM+ in the strait and narrow way, and be always very workable in HIS+ Hands.

I did not and do not want this to be about myself, but hoped that this story might encourage or strengthen a brother or sister who is going through a trial, of any sort, body, soul, or spirit, and know that HE+ is right there with you, closer than your breath. You may reach out and take HIS+ Hand.

HE has said, “I will never leave you or forsake you,”        (Hebrews 13:5) . . .

and as long as we stay attached

to the VINE+ of Life,

HE+ is there.

It is the Potter’s+ great skill to take an imperfect piece of pottery and remake it into a vessel of beauty and of great usefulness to HIMSELF+  and HIS+ whole house.

May the LORD+ bless and keep all who are going through any personal trial, even the enduring of what is happening in our world and in our society.

HE+ is there and knows the end of all of this even before it takes place.

I would like to finish this with a poem written about this subject of waiting when learning obedience.



By Sister Judith Hannah + + +
The Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+    Year of Our LORD, 12.16.2011


My hand, cemented

fingers fixed

upon those goals

of my desire.


Grasping hand


ignored YOUR+ call

… and coming fire.



YOU+ pried them loose

until my willful

strength was through.



in hand and heart…

my sole* remains,

… except for YOU+.


Sick, I grew

distress anew

… no purpose, goal, or person.

Weak body could not stand the stress…

of no human purpose to profess.


Bleakly, no-one needing me,

skills vanished like hot air.

No work upon my shoulder

… except my solitary prayer.

No goal in life

… except to do my daily discipline

with YOU+.


Strength fled, fever raged

Mind a blank; I did not care.

Directionless, interest gone

unadorned, life raw and bare.


Bones ached, emotions numbed.

Joy? Not my portion, this I rue.

Only in one place Joy glowed

… in quietness with YOU+.


Thank YOU+, LORD, for freeing me

From built-in values, clamourings.

For prying loose my concrete grip,

Death-bringing goals that would strip

my time and thought away from YOU+.


My aims and goals YOU+ withheld

…AKA my future woes,

Earth-bound illusions YOU+ replaced

and Heaven’s treasure flows

through entwining Fingers, all Divine+

into this hand of clay, called “mine.”


*sole = only
“AKA”= Also Known As
or Otherwise known as… .  .  .  .



By Sister Judith Hannah  + + +
~ from my heart to yours…

+ + +






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  1. Everytime when i hear of someone who has been touched by God and healed, it reminds me of why we serve a loving God. HE IS OUR LIFE. God Bless You.


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