World War 3 One Piece At A Time: The US & Five Arab Countries Begin Airstrikes In Syria

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Screen shot

Airstrikes have begun in Syria.  Five Arab Nations have joined in the attacks on what they say is ISIL.  Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE.  One of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey is quoted as saying the coalition came together quickly over the last couple of days, and that Obama would not sign off on the campaign unless or until the Arab countries signed on.  He’s quoted as saying:  “We now have a kind of credible campaign against ISIL that includes a coalition of partners.”  (More)  

Russia is condemning these attacks as they do not have the support of Assad.  Russia has loudly backed Assad since the beginning.   Ban Ki Moon spoke with Putin who told him that air strikes in Syria should not be carried out without the consent of President Assad.  Putin also said recently that any such strikes would be a gross violation of International law.  He doesn’t dispute that ISIl needs to be stopped he disputes the fact that Assad has been kept out of the loop.  Quote from RT:  “The Syrian government was willing to cooperate in coordinating strikes on Islamic jihadists, which the country has been battling for over three years, but US officials rejected any possibility of such cooperation. Any strikes on Syrian soil without Damascus’ consent will be considered an act of aggression, Syria has warned.”  (More)

What does this mean for the Syrian people?  They trusted Assad to protect them, but when the Syrian regime moved out of villages these barbaric rebels moved in and killed everything that didn’t convert.  The west has armed, trained and funded these rebels in what they say was a move toward defeating a tyranical leader and provide democracy to the people.  The people have suffered untold persecution from these rebel groups.  What freedoms they used to enjoy are gone, and they are starving or grieving the loss of life and home.  And this will be better?  It’s being reported by Al-Monitor that the Syrian people would rather see Assad participating in this campaign, but the US and it’s Arab coalition are refusing.  But there are reports that Kerry and Obama both are considering partnering with Iran?  Really?  Russia is left behind kicking and screaming that Assad’s government and forces are not a part of this.  So what is this campaign really about?  The people of Syria or the removal of Assad?

Pray for the people of Syria.  Pray for the innocent, pray for God’s mercy.

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