Urgent Prayer Request: 9 September, date for next hearing in the trial of Asia Bibi

Asia has been in prison for 4 years with her trial having one postponement after the other for the Blasphemy laws in Pakistan.  This is one of the top violations of Human Rights.  Her trial is today, pray for her release and comfort for her family.


Lahore (Agenzia Fides) – Tomorrow 9 September, has been set as the date for the next hearing in an appeal by Asia Bibi, a Pakistani woman facing a death sentence for blasphemy. Fides was informed by the High Court in Lahore. The competent court, according to the published calendar, will be presided by Judge Anwar Ul Haq. The date for tomorrow’s hearing was set following a request in the month of June by a group of lawyers to the Court to convoke another hearing to allow the woman to obtain justice at last. 

Asia Bibi was given a death sentence in November 2010, for breaking the law according to article 295 C of Pakistan’s Penal Law (article 295 C is part of the infamous so called “blasphemy law”) concerning insults to the Prophet Mohammed. Ms Bibi, detained since 2010, is at present in the women’s prison in Multan. The appeal has been postponed at least five times for various disparate motives. According to Fides, many judges refuse the case fearing reactions from Islamic extremist groups. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 8/9/2014)

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