Displaced Nigerian Christians Vow Return To Worship God In Attacked Village

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By VOP Nigerian Correspondent

Gwoza Local Government Area, Nigeria(Voice of the Persecuted) Brave Christian leaders from Attagara who had been displaced by Islamic insurgents after a brutal attack, vowed to return—resolute to worship the Lord in their respective churches. Our Foreign correspondent gathered that over 340 Christians from a refugee camp in Cameroon, came back to Attagara village and resumed church services and worshiped on Sunday August 3, 2014.

One worshiper said, “How can we stop worshiping God because of persecution?”

The deadly attack which began on June 1, 2014 and lasted for 3 days, lead to the displacement of over 7,000 Christians to neighboring Cameroon. Islamic insurgents had rounded up Christians and shot them in the cold-blooded attack. See our June report NIGERIA: Women bury over 40 children after massive attack on Christians

It was stated that the Christian community received no help except for that of local Christians to ease the suffering of the residents, who were mainly women and children. This claim was also confirmed by a leader of the Attagara Development Association. He explained that the only help that reached the displaced villagers were contributions from area Christians immediately following the attack. The funds were equally disbursed to Christians who had been trapped in the hills without food and to those in makeshift camps in Cameroon. “Anything outside of this is not true,” he added.

The returning Christians were unable to go back to their farms and businesses, due to the threat of another attack by Boko Haram insurgents. But they said, “We’re looking up to God for help to survive.” Our correspondent was told none of the returning Christians were willing to go back to the Cameroon refugee camp. “We better die here,” one member said.

In a phone interview with a church leader, it was confirmed that over 200 Christians came to worship at EYN (The Church of the Brethren) LCC Attagara. EYN Angurva had over 100 brethren in the service and EYN Aganjara saw 40 worshipers in attendance.

Left homeless, Christians  sharing food at refugee camp

UPDATE: Returning Attagara Christians Suffer Another Attack By Boko Haram

The return of Christians restarting worship services to honor God, angered the insurgents who had forced them to flee the area in June. They sent in an agent to spy on the village to observe if it was being protected by the military. The Christians keeping watch, sighted and caught the operative; then handed him and his weapons over to military personnel.

On August 5, 2014, dressed in military uniforms, the Islamic militants returned riding 3 per seat on motorcycles. They captured and brutally slaughtered Peter Talaka, a dedicated Christian who had been active in church planting.

nigeriachildwarOne eye witness said, “I saw over 23 motorcycles, The militants were carrying AK 47’s, each chanting “Allahu Akbar.” They went straight to the newly rebuilt church and burnt it. After looting anything of value, they set the remaining houses on fire destroying everything. While the Christians were fleeing, a few were brave enough to report the attack to the military. They then courageously guided the soldiers in apprehending the insurgents.

The pursuit by the Christians and soldiers forced the insurgents to drop 6 of the motorcycles and weapons. One of the Christians told our correspondent, “We handed them over to the military who then burnt all the motorcycles.”

Once again, the returning Christians were displaced from their village. But the majority of the young Christian men promised to stay on until the day God called them to Glory.

©Voice of the Persecuted. (VOP)  Article may be reprinted with credit to Voice of the Persecuted

Not enough relief is reaching them. Voice of the Persecuted is developing programs and partnering to aid our suffering family in Nigeria; we will pick up where others leave off. Please keep them in constant prayer…they are weary.

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