Silence While A Kingdom Forms Killing & Torturing Under A Banner That Says: “There Is No God But Allah”

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Screen shot

The news from Iraq is very dire and shocking.  What is more shocking than this is the silence from western governments and the UN.  As ISIS continues it’s demonic rampage thousands are being sysematically slaughtered, starving or dying of thirst.

The Washington Post is reporting on the Yazidis who have taken refuge in a Mountainous area, they are dying of thirst.  The Iraqi government attempted to drop water to them, but many children and innocent people are dying.

Yazidi leaders and Chaldean clergymen meeting in Mesopotamia, 19th century. (Wikipedia)

Yazidi leaders and Chaldean clergymen meeting in Mesopotamia, 19th century. (Wikipedia)

One lawmaker in Iraq begs the parliament there for help, begs the world for help stating “”Mr. Speaker, we are being butchered under the banner of ‘There is no God but Allah!”

Why in a world where our leaders like Obama have created chaos and havoc in creating a diverse world where a cry for freedom for all, is this allowed and even condoned.  Condoned because silence is complicity, and complicity is aid to this demonic ideology.  Why is the world afraid to confront this?  Not only in Iraq, but Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan and other places, even Gaza.  Why?  The sin of omission is sin just the same.  (James 4:17) So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

What is even more shocking is that Christian communities are even silent, or denying that this is transpiring.  Why when the gates of Hell have been unleashed are they silent?  We have an abomination claiming to be God, we have demonic forces slaughtering by the hundreds and there is nothing but silence from the Body of Christ.  We have church leaders in these areas begging the world for help and silence.  We have one voice in our government here speaking out and even defining for the world the definition of ‘genocide’ and still silence.  (More)  There are very few recognizing what this is.

God’s people started here, Christianity spread here, and satan is trying to end it here.  Why is God’s warnings unheeded?  Why do some think that tribulation has not begun?  Why are some denying persecution?  Persecution of Christians, Jews, and other minorities like the Yazidis?  John gives a clue:  they worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?”   The whole of Revelation warns of this very thing.  John tells us of a kingdom divided that unites to devour God’s children, he tells us of the very scenario we are witnessing, forcing all under threat of death to accept this ideology, forcing all to accept or face starvation.  And even today we are hearing the cries of these saints:  “How long Oh Lord?”  It’s time to watch, it’s time to actually see what is happening, it’s time to prepare, it’s time to unite in Christ, it’s time to pray.


Female Iraqi Lawmaker COLLAPSES IN PARLIAMENT – Begs For Help from ISIS Genocide of Yazidi Minority

Iraq’s jihadis have vowed to wipe out the Yazidis. Who are they?

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5 replies

  1. May the God of all mercy send help to these persecuted and dying people! Jeus,you have the plan and you have the power to do what we cannot. I pray for your intervention and that you draw these people to you and that you provide for them and their safety!


  2. So many wearing blinders and they are the pawns in satans army of fools……………..How can a President sit back and stay as calm as he does is not beyond comprehension as it is written there are those who’s conscience is seared and this is one President without a conscience! So much good he could be doing on behalf of the people, yet it is not seen. God Bless You for posting an article I know was hard to post, but very needed for our time.


  3. Thank you for posting these important warnings. The church in America will be held accountable for our indifference toward our brothers and sisters. Satan has so cleverly hypnotized the last days “church” with “fun” distractions where most can’t be bothered with what is happening around the world. Jesus asked if He would find faith when He returned and sadly I think we can see the answer to that question.


  4. May GOD Bless this woman for speaking out against this filthy atrocity that is taking place and being allowed and sanctioned by certain people in “high” and “influential” places. The Wrath of the LORD GOD of Israel is coming against All who are behind this, including the satanic cesspool that sits on the Potamac river, the chief city of baal. The silence from that evil place is disgusting.

    It is no secret who has trained and financed these demon-possessed butchers who are obliquely doing the killing work for the “10 kings”.
    There is NO escape from GOD’S Wrath for this crime. The western power will be repaid to the uttermost.

    Multiply this dear woman’s tears and distress by the thousands. The anguish is reached unto heaven, and I promise all who will hear, that the LORD GOD will be answering these cries. The Israel of GOD is being targeted, the natural and the “grafted-in” branches as well, and HE will avenge them. Those who curse Israel are themselves accursed.

    It is obvious that Islam is only another form of satanism. Look at the fruits of it. However, the real instigators of this mass murder sit in nice air- conditioned rooms, dressed in nice business suits, sipping fine drinks. These are the head satanists, who direct and take delight that Christians are being slaughtered.
    I know I have spoken strongly here. If some are offended so be it. It is an easy thing to sit in a pew once or twice a week. It is another thing to stand for TRUTH+ when the world you live in is coming apart around you. Let us stand for The TRUTH+ and stand with our Brothers and Sisters across the earth who are suffering at the hands of diabolical workers of evil, high and low, Pray and weep for them.
    LORD+ have Mercy on your Children, and all the innocent. Amen + + +


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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