Africa: A Plethera of Wealth Or A Ticking Time Bomb?

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I did a recent post on the latest bombing in Nigeria.  It was apparently a female, and they found a 10 year old girl nearby with explosives strapped to her.  Boko Haram has taken a new turn in using female suicide bombers.  The media is not covering this.   According to a Nigerian media called Boko Haram are indoctrinating the school girls from Chibook and the government is powerless to stop them.  They are still demanding the release of terrorists for the release of the girls.  And they suspect they are using some of these girls as suicide bombers.  I am still researching this, I’ll have more later.

The evil traveling across this part of the Globe becomes more sinister by the minute.  It’s also reported by the Guardian that a recent meeting between GoodLuck Jonathon and the parents of the girls took place which was the first meeting.  It is reported that several of the parents of the girls has died from related illnesses like Heart Attacks and some by an attack on a village.  It was also said that Jonathon blamed the #BringBackOurGirls campaign for politicizing their fate.  The Governor of Borno state accused Jonathon of not doing enough to save the girls.  And stated that Boko Haram was better equiped and funded than the military.  Malala Yousafzi the Pakistani girls advocate was instrumental in bringing about the meeting.

I think the surface hasn’t even begun to be scratched with what is transpiring with Nigeria, Boko Haram, or the kidnapped girls.  This raises many questions.  Something not reported on is payments that have been made to the parents of these girls.  Especially given what we are learning about governments that are paying huge ransoms to rebels in the form of aid.  There is at least one media outlet that is reporting there was a supposed N100million released from the President to give to the parents of the kidnapped girls.  This of course is denied by Goodluck Jonathon.  Even though it appears some of the parents were only given a small portion instead of their share.  (More)  This is also confirmed by those on the ground there.

Another question this raises is why in the world would our President set up a summit with African leaders to discuss Economic trade?  It’s no secret that there has been a rush by world leaders to ravage and pillage the spoils of Africa, and what is happening there.  It’s also no secret that the economic arena in Africa is growing by leaps and bounds.  According to this chart by AfricaRenewal it’s economy is rival to asia, and other countries.

From AfricaOnline/UN department of Public Information

From AfricaOnline/UN department of Public Information


Apparently there is a 3-7 billion dollar pipeline between the Doba field in Chad and Cameroon. (More)


And China is there right now, Russia has also taken an interest in the oil, diamonds and other minerals in Africa.  Africa is rich in these minerals and the people live in poverty.

According to the Washington Post Obama and the Democrats are pushing for these economic ties.

(Quote from the WP)Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.), who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on African affairs, noted that the United States still has strong ties based on years of development assistance. “I think history will show Africa is the continent of the greatest opportunity this century,” Coons said. “We have a moment that is passing us by, and we should build on these relationships.”

President Obama said the same thing in a press conference today.  Listen to this press conference on thursday from Obama on Africa.  His comments start at 38:23.

So western governments & Media are overlooking an evil, demonic force that is holding the country hostage, to increase economic ties with Africa?  While innocent civilians, Christian and other minorities pay a huge price, by facing death and slaughter, or fleeing into refugee centers rife with corruption, kidnapping, and death.

Commentary by Am Not Ashamed


Nigeria: N100 Million Presidential Gift Controversy – Chibok Community Commends BBOG Group

Jonathan’s N100 Million Cash Gift: We Were Not Given Any Money To Share – Chibok Leaders Cry Out!

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