What Is Behind The Massacre In CAR?

Photo:  BBC ‘Janjaweed’

Photo BBC:  Seleka fighters smoking in Bossangoa, the Central African Republic …

There is a very dark spirit at work in the world as the world powers vie for control.  We all know what wars are waging in the middle east and Africa.  Most specifically the Central African Republic (CAR).  There is blood-curdling news coming out of this region.  News of a systematic sectarian cleansing.  I use the word systematic as you will see the deeper we dig, this has been ongoing for years.  One  can even connect dots from Darfur and the ‘Janjaweed’ to the current crises, and president Djotodia. (More)

There is so much controversy and darkness associated with Djotodia.  He formed the rebel group ‘Seleka’  to gain power.  It’s been said that the uprisings now are not the typical muslim uprising forcing converts, but a grab for power.  Then when you dig, you find this man’s own statements.  Like this one:

In the months that followed Séléka’s takeover, the group was criticized for continuing to perpetrate violence against civilians. Djotodia was formally sworn in as President on 18 August 2013. On that occasion he said that he hoped to be “the last of my countrymen to have to take up arms in order to come to power”. He also vowed that he would not stand as a presidential candidate.

As we look at this, we will try to peel the layers back to find what is at the core.  It’s being described by David Smith (Guardian UK) as:  “A massacre of the innocents is taking place in the heart of Africa as the world looks the other way.”  And I couldn’t agree more.  There is more to this, much more.

Major news organisations are reporting that Christians are commiting atrocities such as beheading children and even cannabalism. What I find most disturbing about these reports is they report on this complete with video’s that show men hacking someone with a machete without proof or digging into what is really going on there.  They have even drudged up old reports of the prior president of CAR that he was a cannabal and even fed human meat to visiting dignataries.  This is a complete rumor, no evidence was found of that, but it makes for sensational headlines.  I don’t know how much is truth, emanating from these reports, but I do know what I found when I started to dig into the history of this war and region, and it will curl your hair.

This from Amnesty International in November of 2013 show’s proof of the devastation on this country: (New satellite images reveal shocking aftermath of abuses in Central African Republic)

Expert analysis of new satellite imagery Amnesty International has obtained from the Central African Republic (CAR) reveals the shocking aftermath of recent human rights abuses amid spiralling violence by armed groups and security forces.

In the Bouca area, approximately 485 structures—represented here by yellow dots—appear burnt in imagery from November 2013.

In the Bouca area, approximately 485 structures—represented here by yellow dots—appear burnt in imagery from November 2013. © DigitalGlobe 2013

Amnesty International continues to report on the Human Rights abuses that may prove to be Crimes Against Humanity.  They report that since Dec. of 2012 hundreds of civilians have been killed while thousands are subjected to cruel torture, rape or other forms of inhuman and degrading torture.  And it is still ‘Seleka’ who is responsible for this.  There have been rumors of Seleka soldiers & bandits, and poachers burning properties.  It’s always the civilians who suffer in this type of power grab.  The Seleka’s are seeking revenge on the Christians for supporting a new government, and there are rumors of armed resistance groups rising to fight the atrocities committed by the Selekas.  They are attempting to turn this into another ‘Holy War’ of Biblical proportions.  While civilians watch their families being tortured, murdered and raped, and their villages burned (the same as the Janjaweed did in Darfur) they are rising up against them.  While the world turns the other way, children are being recruited to fight, they are being tortured and killed.  In one report a man describes the torture of his son while he watched.  They spread a pepper paste on his armpits, and legs, and up his nose than beat him almost causing asphyxiation.  And this is the mild torture experienced.

These atrocities are not new, Amnesty International reports that it happened during Bozize’s government and he failed to intervene and stop it. Seleka has grown from 5,000 in March 2013 to 20,000 by May 2013.  Most are criminals freed by seleka, and highway bandits and poachers.   I encourage you to read the detailed report by Amnesty International from March of 2013.  (Here)

So why is the world silent?  There are French and UN troops there, but still they couldn’t gain control.  I have to touch also on the world powers grab for minerals, oil and resources in Africa over the last few years.  Is this why they are pitting these people against each other.  CAR has been predominantly Christian, with a small percentage of muslims.  They say it’s hard to know exact numbers as the Christian population is sedentary while the Muslim population is nomadic.  But they have lived in peace in the past also.  Until armed groups that is.

On saturday reports of Djotodia’s resignation sparked celebrations.  The western countries of France, Germany and the UN had sent extra troops as they feared another Rwanda.  Here is an excerpt from Reuters that I found interesting:

The loose band of rebels had been held together by frustrations over underdevelopment of the north and desire for control over gold, diamonds, uranium and oil. Many of its men were battle-hardened fighters from Chad and Sudan.

Again, we find small references to the reasoning behind pitting these groups against one another.  And other major publications are even showing videos of what they say are Christians shouting and waving branches :’We have killed the muslim.’ Referring to President Djotodia.

Is oil the real cause of the war here?  It has been reported by some that this is in fact the root cause.  The oil pipeline in Doba.  Apparently there is a 3-7 billion dollar pipeline between the Doba field in Chad and Cameroon.  Could it be that investors were advised to stay away from the CAR because of the instability, that ramped up this so called sectarian violence?  Could it be that the west and China were growing anxious and wanted the risks removed?  It doesn’t take long searching ‘Oil In CAR’ to find publications issuing warnings like ‘Mining.com.’  A publication called ‘African Energy’  had this as a lead into an article about the oil in CAR:

The prospect of Central African Republic eventually emerging as an oil producer is exciting a growing number of potential investors, including an aggressive New York-based private equity player, Chinese arms manu-facturers, Gulf-based interests and a Brussels-based ‘NGO’ that won’t discuss its operations, as well as Colorado-based veteran Jack Grynberg.

I don’t claim to have insider information into these things, but I do have a desire for the truth, no matter what it leads me to.  And I just can’t find evidence of Christians eating victims and beheading children that is not connected to this dark evil that has been emanating from this country.  I will continue to watch, and research, but for now this is what I find.

The truth is Christian persecution has more than doubled and I think it safe to say tripled over the last few years, in the Middle East, and Africa.  This is fact.  The Middle East is locked in what many are labeling a ‘Holy War.’  We must unite in prayer.  The innocent and persecuted have not asked for money even though the lucky ones live in squalor.  They only ask for our prayers.  Our prayers do make a difference.  Pray like never before, and encourage other’s to pray for the innocent, the lost, and our Brother’s and Sister’s.  I leave you with this from Paul:

Hebrews 13:3

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.


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