What Happens When Weapons Are Traded & Given Freeely To Fight Proxy Wars? Missile fired at Malaysian plane & Innocent Civilians Suffer

What happens when rebels are either given or allowed to seize weapons?  What happens when proxy wars are fought?  These are the questions that the media and the government doesn’t want to address.  While it appears that dissidents fired a missile at this plane thinking it was a military plane, the blame goes around and around.  (More)  It also raises the question where is the missing Malaysia airliner flight MH370?  A lot of unanswered questions.  The west is aiding Ukraine, it’s no secret, and it’s no secret that the leadership of Ukraine has threatened to turn the ground under the pro-Russian forces to ash.  When you loosely supervise weapons and give aid in military equipment and weaponry for proxy wars, this is what you get.  Crazy people with WMD’S.  Just as in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Lebanon and Africa.   They will have their new world order after the dust clears and they will rise out of the ashes of global fire and chaos.

A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane carrying 298 people was hit by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday, said U.S. intelligence officials. Officials were divided over the origin of the missile that hit the plane, which crashed over eastern Ukraine.U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said the plane crash was “not an accident,” adding that it was “blown out of the sky.”Missile fired at Malaysian plane: US intelligence.

The same is in Israel, with the fight against Hamas. The same is happening in Syria, the world has decided that they want a new middle east and a new leader and they will have it.  Happened in Egypt, and Libya.  Now the world is poking at the bear, do they know what they are doing?  I think so, they want the world in chaos and war.   The blind leaders of the world have created an atmosphere of total chaos and global uncertainty to carve up a new order.  And this is what happens.  And our leader takes a full minute out of his public relations campaign to comment.  Then jokes?  (Watch)

The Prophet Isaiah was given a glimpse of what happens when wicked rulers reign and what God thinks about it.  God is in control, as prophecy unfolds and God’s timeclock speeds ahead.

Isaiah 59

Look, the Lord’s hand is not too weak to deliver you;
his ear is not too deaf to hear you.
But your sinful acts have alienated you from your God;
your sins have caused him to reject you and not listen to your prayers.
For your hands are stained with blood
and your fingers with sin;
your lips speak lies,
your tongue utters malicious words.
No one is concerned about justice;
no one sets forth his case truthfully.
They depend on false words and tell lies;
they conceive of oppression
and give birth to sin.
They hatch the eggs of a poisonous snake
and spin a spider’s web.
Whoever eats their eggs will die,
a poisonous snake is hatched.
Their webs cannot be used for clothing;
they cannot cover themselves with what they make.
Their deeds are sinful;
they commit violent crimes.
They are eager to do evil,
quick to shed innocent blood.
Their thoughts are sinful;
they crush and destroy.
They are unfamiliar with peace;
their deeds are unjust.
They use deceitful methods,
and whoever deals with them is unfamiliar with peace………

Credit to Bible Gateway


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  1. Wonderful fitting scripture taken from Isaiah as it states to anyone it is our sins that keep the hand of God away from us….It’s not God but the free will of man choosing to live by his way’s and not God’s. They who are evil and wicked do not understand what peace is and never will till a repentant heart enters the picture then and only then will God move in a life as his eyes cannot even look upon evil he is so Righteous.
    (Habakkuk 1:13). God Bless You for shedding a light on the choice sadly enough some have taken.


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