Christian mom Meriam Ibrahim holed up in US embassy, facing new charges

My Comment:  I am speechless, this ordeal of evil torture and ideology just won’t give up even with world outcry.  And I never thought about it this way but is it any wonder that Islam thinks Obama is one of theirs?  I have heard negative comments about prayer for Miriam, because she is wealthy.  Shame on them.  This woman needs prayer for an intervention and she needs it now.  This is will only come with much prayer and intercession.  Pray for comfort, pray for justice, pray for protection.

By Pamela Geller/Atlas Shrugs

Her crime? She’s a Christian in a Muslim country. She was raised a Christian and lives in America with her Christian husband. They made the mistake of going to visit family in a Muslim country. Who ratted her out? Her Muslim relatives, of course.“I was never a Muslim,” she told the Sudanese high court during her apostasy trial. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”Why won’t Obama’s State department give her the proper travel documentation?Where is Obama? Perhaps he is silent because his father was a Muslim and he too is considered a Muslim in the Muslim world.

“Sudanese Christian mom holed up in US embassy, facing new charges,” FOX News, July 1, 2014

Meriam prison release.jpg

Meriam Ibrahim, with husband Daniel Wani and children Martin and Maya along with their legal team following her release from a Karthoum

The Sudanese mom who was freed after being sentenced to death for refusing to renounce Christianity remains holed up with her family in the U.S. embassy in Khartoum, unable to flee the war-torn nation and facing new charges instigated by her own relatives, sources told

Meriam Ibrahim and her family are waiting for new travel documents to be issued by the U.S. after being detained last week for what Sudanese authorities alleged were forged South Sudan papers when she tried to leave the country, a source close to the family said. Making matters worse for the mother of two are a new set of charges raised by her own Muslim relatives.

“There are new charges relating to her relationship to her father.”- Source close to Meriam Ibrahim

“There are new charges relating to her relationship to her father,” said the source. “Possibly to prove that she is Muslim, but nothing has been served so it’s unclear.”

Muslim relatives intend to take her to court to prove that she belongs to their family, according to Ibrahim’s supporters. The new charges were filed in a Sudanese family court, with a trial date set for Thursday, according to her attorneys.

Ibrahim’s case first came to the attention of Sudanese authorities back in August, after members of her father’s family complained that she was born a Muslim but married a Christian man. The relatives—including her brother– claimed her birth name was “Afdal” before she changed it to Meriam and produced a document that indicated she was given a Muslim name at birth. Her attorney has alleged the document was a fake.

Ibrahim says her mother was an Ethiopian Christian and her father a Muslim who abandoned the family when she was a child.

“I was never a Muslim,” she told the Sudanese high court during her apostasy trial. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”

Sudan’s penal code criminalizes the conversion of Muslims to other religions, which is punishable by death. Muslim women in Sudan are further prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, although Muslim men are permitted to marry outside their faith. Children, by law, must follow their father’s religion. Ibrahim was sentenced to death on May 15, but allowed to give birth while in prison.

On June 24, a higher court freed her, but she was arrested at the airport when she tried to leave. Although she was once again freed, she faces the new charges and has been forbidden to leave the country.

A U.S. State Department official confirmed that Sudan is pressing Ibrahim about her travel documents, which if deemed to include false information about her religion, could constitute a criminal violation.

“The government of Sudan has raised a number of issues related to [Ibrahim’s] travel and identification documents,” said a State Department spokesperson.

Last week, Ibrahim’s brother, Al Samani Al Hadi Mohamed Abdullah, claimed that she was “kidnapped” after her release from a Khartoum prison. Abdullah told Sudan newspaper Al Intibaha that she should have been released to the family and not to her husband, Daniel Wani.

“They did not let us know that she was about to be freed,” he told the newspaper. “It was a surprise for us.”

He also made statements earlier last month that Ibrahim should be executed if she refused to return to the family’s faith of Islam. He maintained those statements in last week’s interview, saying that the court system failed the family by clearing his sister of all charges.

“Our family is not convinced by the decision of the court,” he said. “The law has failed to maintain our rights, and now it is a matter of honor. Christians deface our honor, and we know how to take revenge for that.”


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  1. This poor woman! The islamic/muslim religion is making itself look very beggarly and pathetic in tormenting one woman to this point. It is obvious that she wants nothing to do with the lie of islam or it’s lying and murdering so-called “prophet”. Why not let her go her way in peace. Perhaps the Sudan government as well as the woman’s family know that there many thousands who would leave the islamic lies and insanity if they could without the threat of death hanging over their heads for doing so! It is a very sad thing when people must be forced by death threats to remain in a system, religious or social, that they would flee from quickly if they could.
    Let us all keep this poor woman in prayer for deliverance from both her heartless “family” and from Sudan also. I am sure she would never
    care to set her foot there again. LORD+ have mercy on this our Sister.


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