Prophecy In The Headlines: Things That Go Unnoticed : Stay Alert

There are many things in the news if your watching and seeking that make no sense unless you know what world leaders are doing and watch for the trail of breadcrumbs that have not been swept under the rug by the leaders and their Media outlets.

This morning and recent days brings many such crumbs to light.  These all lead to prophecy and the warnings they give us.  President Obama has repeatedly mocked God, mocked the people that cling to scripture but touts that no one in the world will blaspheme the Prophet Mohammed.  He has proclaimed that America is no longer a Christian Nation, and his foreign policies have left even the progressive liberals scratching their heads.

The Bible lay’s out scripture to guide every aspect of our daily lives even the ruling of nations.  Yet God is mocked and scripture is changed or completely done away with.  The warnings in the Bible of seeking man’s rule instead of God’s or God fearing men with justice in their minds goes unheeded.  And the Bible is replete with subjective examples of what this brings to a Nation.  Judgement.  Israel and even the Pagan Nations were judged by God.  Look at Babylon and what transpired there.  (Daniel 5)

Revelation & Daniel reveals what the last Kingdom on earth before the rule of our Lord and Savior will be like, and we are there.

Wars & Rumors of War

NATO to spread wings of war due to ‘eastern threat’:  NATO countries should increase military spending, Secretary General of the alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. (More)

Nigeria: Death toll from latest jihad attacks now 110; jihadists rounded up villagers for Islamic sermon, then opened fire:  Now that it has been revealed that Nigerian generals have been arming this bloodthirsty group, it is clearer why they have been able to operate with such impunity in Nigeria, and continue to do so. But neither the mainstream media nor the leaders of the great nations of the West dare to consider the implications of the fact that this group’s supposed twisting and hijacking of Islam is shared by people at high levels of the Nigerian government.(More)

Iran Warns US’s Diego Garcia Base is in Range of Its Missiles: A senior Iranian official says that the US’s Indian Ocean base at the Diego Garcia island atoll, considered well out of range of Iran’s missiles, is in fact within its ballistic missile range. (More)

Pakistani Taliban Kills 28 in Airport Attack, Vows War on West:  Taliban terrorists launch five-hour gun battle in revenge for US killing their leader. Attacks will continue ‘as long as we are breathing.’ (More)

This last one is very significant because, our President just made a deal with the Taliban to release terrorists in exchange for an American prisoner who has many questions surrounding his loyalty to America.  The media is reporting that the Pakistan Taliban is different than the Afghanistan Taliban that made the deal.  Really?  We all heard that argument a few years ago, remember the ‘good taliban and the bad taliban’?  NBC news reported in 2010 that  even Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has endorsed the reconciliation plan as essential to success in the Afghanistan war, warns of the complexities involved in separating the two militant groups.  

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So not to make light of any suffering brought on by these terrorists, it has been portrayed to the public as good.  It reminds me of the tale of Hansel and Gretel, and how everything looked sweet and innocent on the outside, but on the inside evil awaited.


Gingerbread house?  Or Evil?

Gingerbread house? Or Evil?

So if anything we can learn from the childhood stories like this, that nothing is what it seems on the surface.  But it seems the public has learned nothing.  So while we are fed propaganda from the world leaders and the media, what lurks under the surface is the evils we have been warned about.

From the Arab Spring, to the war in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the Taliban in Pakistan, Iran, the PA and Hamas you name it, nothing is as it seems.  The New World order that we are warned about has formed and even the bringing together of the world religions.  And that blows my mind.  I advocate for freedom to worship as you wish, but as Christians it’s mind boggling when the Bible clearly states that ‘we shall have no other god’s before us.’  Stay alert, pay attention and pray.  The world is transforming before our eyes, and it is foretold in scripture.

Commentary by Am Not Ashamed

Credit to Wikimedia Commons (Photo’s)


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2 replies

  1. The apostles asked Jesus what would be the signs of the last days and Jesus told them. We are presently seeing these signs
    but it’s only the beginning ( birth pangs will increase). But let not your heart be troubled: Jeremiah 17:7 Blessed is he that trusts
    in the L-rd and whose hope is in the L-rd. Shalom


  2. This article is like the scripture satan can turn himself into an angel of light……Oh how the President talks all sweet out one side of his mouth and yet delivers to the people the most unnerving of ways to solve problems we as a nation are battling. (James 1:8) There is a veil over the people as long as they keep their bibles closed and keep watching what the world is doing and follow suit, for God’s ways are not our ways and we cannot find the answer by looking to man but to God!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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