Rice Hints U.S. Providing Weapons to Syrian Rebels


It’s no secret that we have been providing weapons and money to the rebels in Syria.  If you have been watching it’s also no secret that this war is not an internal civil war.  Rebels are pouring in from Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and other parts of the world.  This is proven.  Here is an excerpt from the NYT on the influx of rebels into Syria.

In Syria, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has emerged as the leader in attracting foreign fighters as it exploits the chaos of the civil war and tries to lay the groundwork for an Islamic state. The group has repeatedly clashed with other rebel brigades, including another group aligned with Al Qaeda, the Nusra Front. 

Last week Assad won re-election.  So it’s no coincidence that Susan Rice has implied that aid to the rebels is being stepped up. It has been shown that our country is backing those who are attempting to overthrow Assad.

Kerry and Obama have been very vocal demanding that Assad step down.  In this bid for control of Syria, the Syrian Christian population has been heavily attacked and brutally slaughtered.  Under Assad, Christian’s had been afforded protection. During this war, when Syrian forces pulled out of an area, the rebels moved in and Christians paid a heavy price. In other cases, minority Muslim sects are slaughtered as well.

It has been brought to light that the real reason for the advancement of rebels from other nations, to partake in a Holy War that will enable Islam to control the world.  There are multiple videos and reports from Jihadists to further their agenda, calling for unification in this religious war.

Could Western Leaders led by the US be involved in the creation of the ‘Arab Spring’?  Are they backing it in Syria?

The only reason that Libya & Ghaddaffi’s fate has not happened in Syria is because Russia and China would not allow it.  Russia said not again, when the attacks on Syria ramped up.  So the covert proxy war came into light.  In aiding in this, they have helped to create a super highway of evil from Iran to the coasts of Africa.  But what are the costs?  The innocent and the Christians suffer. Should they be seen as collateral damage?

(Israel National News) President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, hinted on Friday that the United States was sending weapons to the Syrian rebels, when she said Washington was taking important steps in Syria by offering both “lethal and non-lethal” aid to the ‘moderate opposition’.The comments were made in an interview Rice gave to CNN.

“The United States has been the single largest contributor of humanitarian assistance, providing over 1.7 billion dollars,” she said.

In Nigeria alone, the slaughter of innocents has reached untold proportions. Open Doors, World Watch Report now shows them at the top of the list of Christians Martrys.  And aid to affected villages is being held, while people are starving.

Same in Syria.  Aid is being given to the rebels, the citizens are left with death, destruction as they starve.  In an article of a woman who held out in an area that Assad recovered said they ate grass to survive.  This is unacceptable in a world that touts equality for all.

In Nigeria the answer to the wave of slaughter by Boko Haram has been met with sanctions and more sanctions…monetary sanctions.

The horrific attack by this evil group are noted for  expensive military hardware.

Despite the poverty of northern Nigeria – where 70 per cent of people live on less than 60p a day – the Boko Haram terrorist group has at its disposal a seemingly limitless amount of heavy weaponry, vehicles, bombs and ammunition that it uses to kill with unfathomable wantonness. The Islamic militants, masquerading as members of the military, raided three villages in north-eastern Nigeria this week and killed 400 villagers “from house to house” using “sophisticated weapons”, one local leader told Bloomberg.

According to a survey of academic, governmental and journalistic accounts, Boko Haram funds its escalating acts of terror through black market dealings, local and international benefactors, and links to al-Qa’ida and other well-funded groups in the Middle East.

Analysts say its fundraising apparatus is intricate and opaque. “The actual source of the funding is as elusive as the militants themselves,” Heather Murdock wrote for Voice of America.

There are many sources of that money. One of those sources was from al-Qa’ida.”

The connection between Boko Haram and al-Qa’ida – and its money – perhaps deepened when Yusuf fled to Saudi Arabia to escape one of Nigeria’s first crackdowns on the terrorist group. It remains unclear what happened while he was in Saudi Arabia, or who he met, but Boko Haram leaders have later said that much of their funding comes from al-Qa’ida. A Boko Haram spokesman said in 2011: “Al-Qa’ida are our elder brothers. We enjoy financial and technical support from them. Anything we want from them we ask them.”

But even such alleged financial connections with al-Qa’ida cannot explain Boko Haram’s money. The group reportedly also gets cash from Islamic terrorist groups such as al-Shabaab in Somalia and local al-Qa’ida affiliates. source

So who is supporting them that monetary sanctions were installed and expected to be effective?  That’s becoming obvious, as it seems the world is more interested in the spoils of war there than aiding the people.  So again, we are left with many questions just scratching the surface of what is transpiring. Questions that need to be answered.  Pray for the innocent people that are quickly turning into Collateral Damage.

Commentary by Am Not Ashamed

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