Nigeria Rises To The Top Ten Worst Countries For Persecution Of Christians & Media & Government Is Silent

Open Doors USA has just released the top ten countries where Christian Persecution is the worst.  As it spreads throughout the world, it’s not surprising to see Nigeria as one of the worst.  The silence from the Media, the Government and the Church is deafening.  Reports coming out of Nigeria, CAR, Sudan, Libya and surrounding regions are devastating.  The reports of Women and Children that are being slaughtered in Christian villages are gruesome.


The violence in Nigeria alone against Christians should raise voices everywhere, not just Christians.  When nursing babies are snatched from their mother and slaughtered, where is the outrage?  Where is the outcry from Western Leaders, and the Church?  The media doesn’t cover it or covers it up.  This super highway of evil has been allowed to grow and nourish.  From the flow of weapons to the flow of rebels who are on a mission from Hell.   And the Western media and governments are silent.  The church’s aren’t talking about it either.  The death toll from one village alone, has grown to 168 alone.  And this is just one attack.  And all we hear from the western governments is that they are going to ‘sanction’ the rebels responsible?  Where is the military?  Where is the government of Nigeria, where is the support promised from other governments?  Recently when our President negotiated with terrorists from the Taliban to release prisoners from rebel groups for the release of an American, it sent a chilling message to these groups everywhere.  Boko Haram have demanded the release of prisoners in exchange for the kidnapped girls.  The evil, satanic rampage they have  begun has gone virtually unchecked by the military or the governments.

stop negotiating with terrrorists


In fact, many have criticized President Goodluck Jonathon for not negotiating with Boko Haram, saying that they are just oppressed. Including but not limited to western Governments, and members of his own cabinet.   Really, when your oppressed you can start a rampage of death and destruction that rivals WW2?

The people of Nigeria are suffering immeasurably.  The stench of death is rising and the governments are silent.  While talking to those from the region you hear the President of Nigeria’s hands are tied because of his cabinet who are Muslim.  So if this is not sanctioned by Islam, where is the outcry for these precious souls being slaughtered?  I have many questions, many unanswered questions.

why can't we hear the outcry


The western Christian population closes their eyes and turns their head when you  speak of this.  They almost have a look of disdain while conversing.  One article say’s we must fill in the gap with prayer and support.  It’s time Christians took a stand.  It’s time to stand up and say enough.  It’s time for every western church to drop to it’s knees and ask for forgiveness.  Every Christian in the world should be lifting our persecuted brother’s and sisters up before the Throne of God every day.  Wake up!   If this were turned and Muslims were being slaughtered in the manner in which these innocents were, the world would be on fire with outcry.  Look at the way they portrayed the ‘Anti Balaka’ in the CAR.  Without so much as an investigation into what they were.  They labeled them as Christians slaughtering Muslims.  And you wonder why these evil groups are allowed to go unchecked.  The media will portray this so it fits the agenda from governments around the world.  While evil continues to rampage, it’s easier to divide the spoils.  The pipeline of weapons, and terror will continue unchecked until the world controls the resources of Africa.

These attacks on Christian villages are quickly becoming the worst humanitarian crises since Rwanda.  Raise your voices.

Our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and the middle east need our prayers and support.  Pray for strength, pray for protection, pray for courage, pray for comfort and peace.  Pray for justice.

Revelation 6:10   And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Commentary by Am Not Ashamed

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  1. The bias against Christians is so obvious. As you say, there is no outcry from the government of this land. Mr.president is a muslim it seems, and their book written by a demon possessed man who slaughtered and murdered thousands, says to ” kill the Christians and Jews”. The so-called jihadists seem to be the hired killers of the 10 kings and their minions. Anywhere in the world that there is an opening these killers can be sent in and the ones targeted are the Christian Churches and villages. As I said, it is so obvious.

    The churches in america are busy with the “real” things in life, that new lexus, more education, that new house with three baths instead of only two. The churches in the west are busy being politically correct and making sure NOT to deny themselves and take up the Cross daily and actually Follow JESUS, lest they should become “legalists”. Cheap Grace and easy believism has left the american “church” hamstrung and emaciated, and satan is laughing at them! For this reason we can expect NOTHING from the organized “church” in america to help our Brothers and Sisters else where in the world. However, the true Called-Out ones can focus super natural laser beams of prayer into the Heavens through our Lord JESUS CHRIST. The “effectual fervent prayer prayer of a righteous man avails much”. They enter into the Throne Room of The LORD GOD our FATHER through The Beloved+ Who is at HIS+ Right Hand.
    Come LORD JESUS, to the joy of all Your Children.
    To all of the dear Brothers and Sisters, Peace+ and Strength and Endurance. Amen + + +


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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