Young Girls Are Not Commodities To Be Traded & Used As Slaves

Child Marriage

I shared a post yesterday on Pakistan and their adoption of child marriage.  We have also witnessed the kidnapping of hundreds of Christian girls who as their captors said “we will sell them in the market by Allah.”  This is a common practice, one that is at the core nothing but pure evil.  This is not a practice recommended by God as Islam would have us believe.  Children are precious in God’s eyes, not commodities to be traded or used as sex objects.  Young girls in the Eastern and mid Eastern countries are given as early as age 6 for marriage.

These are just a few of the stories about this.  This is outrageous, I am growing weary of all the propaganda that attempts to cover this or whitewash it as it is a normal practice sanctioned by God.  I’ve heard it all, the controversy about whether Mohammed married Aisha when she was 9 or 12, it’s still wrong, it’s evil, and should be stopped.  The persecution of children in the Middle East and Africa has to stop.  Tolerance of religious beliefs is one thing, but allowing child abuse, sex trafficking, and persecution is another all together.  This is absurd in the very least.  Evil at it’s core.

Pakistan & other countries adopt a form of Sharia law that sanctions child marriage

Pakistan & other countries adopt a form of Sharia law that sanctions child marriage


Jesus does not tolerate child abuse.  Read Matthew 18:6.  It’s pretty clear.  Children are precious in God’s eyes.  I ask how can you condone or sanction any form of this knowing that it is not sanctioned by God?

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  1. So very true children are so precious in the sight of God that when the disciples were arguing of who will be the greatest in the kingdom of God he called over a child to himself! The innocence of a child is the last thing a holy God would tarnish, yet many follow this horrid religion…….. Thank you for this news story that I pray will open the eyes of many! Julia


  2. Reblogged this on Pippakins Islam Watch and commented:
    Here’s the thing; I don’t care about religion but looking at what Christians have and what Islam offers I would take Christianity every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Abuse of children is largely cultural not religious but in the case of Muslims, that’s all Muslims, child abuse can be and often is sanctioned by quoting the Quran.


  3. This is so evil. This needs to be exposed to the world. Baby “brides”, sanctioned pedophilia, unbelievable sexual uncleanness. This needs to be held under the noses of the “chrislamists” and told to breathe deeply! These poor children seem to have no-one who will defend them from this nightmare. The muslim men who do this are truly “sick” both mentally and spiritually.
    I watched a video the other day about a similar practice with young Muslim boys, who are “purchased” or taken as sexual playthings for these demonized men who use religious excuses and “fatwas” to justify their filthy practices. They dress these young boys in women’s garments and have them dance for their fellow abusers. By all means, report on all of this that you can, until it becomes a stench in the nostrils of those who refuse to acknowledge it, those in power.
    May our dear LORD+ bring these poor innocents out of this horrible system of “religious” lies, and into the Light and Healing balm of CHRIST’S love. Amen + + +


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