President Assad Visits Christian Maaloula, While The West Turns A Blind Eye

Fox News and others are reporting that President Assad visited Maaloula on Sunday.  This is a village that was attacked and many were slaughtered by rebels.  I found it utterly amazing that it is reported that taking back this village from the Al-Queda affiliated rebels was a prize to the government.  Assad say’s that he wants to protect Christians, and other religious minorities.  I know that Christians were afforded a certain amount of freedom and movements that they don’t know now.  In one rebel held area, Christians have to pay a tax to the rebels, or convert or die.  I know that most media reports from the MSM about Syria are not accurate.   We’ve all seen that.  Here’s an excerpt from Fox News:

President Bashar Assad on Sunday toured a historic Christian village his forces recently captured from rebels, state media said, as the country’s Greek Orthodox Patriarch vowed that Christians in the war-ravaged country “will not submit and yield” to extremists.  Syrian state TV and the country’s official SANA news agency said Assad was in Maaloula, inspecting the damage done in recent fighting to its monasteries and churches.   Syrian President Assad reportedly visits Christian village | Fox News.

What do the people of Syria say?  Some say that media reports about Syria are wrong.  Some say that Assad is actually correct in saying this is not a civil war, it’s terrorists.  Some say that the Army and the Rebels are both playing games.  Some say that both sides are committing atrocities.  When talking to those who have fled Syria, you get a different picture all together.  While they say that yes Christians had better conditions under Assad, they say the Government is to blame for slaughter of Christians, by intentionally moving out of villages and allowing the Rebels to take over.  Thus causing the slaughter of Christians.

These Christians in these villages held by rebels have come to rely on the government there for protection, and when they leave and allow rebel takeovers many are killed.  It raises the question Is this an intentional cleansing of Christians?  Syria is not the only place this is happening.  It’s happening in Nigeria, the CAR, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and other countries.  This is becoming so bad some call it the next genocide.  And yet the Western leaders are either complicit or blinded.  The people of the west hardly raise an eyebrow.  No one is listening.  No one is listening to the heartbreak, the anguish the sorrow of those affected by this.  The survivors, the ones that have fled to safety live every day with the nightmares caused by the evil that is growing there.  I can’t express in words the evil that is there.  There is no regard for human life, no regard for anything except heinous slaughter.  It is pure unadulterated evil.  Evil that can only come from the bowels of Hell.

That’s not too harsh.  Look at the images coming from these areas, the reports from those on the ground.  The suffering and anguish carried by the survivors.  The Faith that those who witness this, and experience this puts all in the west to shame.  It was said by one recently that  their faith grows stronger with persecution.  Look at the recent statement made by Pastor Abidini for Easter.  He lays in a hospital bed in Iran knowing he is going back to prison there, and he’s praying for Christians everywhere.  Not for himself, but for his brothers and sisters facing persecution.  That kind of faith is monumental.  But does the western Christians have that kind of Faith?  Would we have that Faith if we faced what they face?

As I talk to people and I look around, and I listen to the news about the bombings in Abuja, the kidnapping of the schoolgirls in Nigeria, the slaughter in the CAR and Syria, the horrific images of death, starvation, torture, and rape ring in my mind.  Then I ask why, why the west remains silent.  It’s not too hard to see what concerns the west.  Look at the TV and what’s popular, Naked & Afraid, The Kardashians, the Shopping channels, & other reality shows.   Naked and Afraid is lived every day by those in these area’s.  Starvation, hardships, fear of death, is reality for them.  If you want to watch a reality show like Naked and Afraid, watch the news about Syria, Libya, Africa, Yemen, Sudan and others.  That is Reality!

By C. Refsland, Voice of the Persecuted Advocate/News Analyst

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  1. Reblogged this on Survival and Resistance and commented:
    Assad is standing up for the Christian minority in Syria while Obama and his cronies are funding those killing them.


  2. It looks more and more scripture holds true that in the last days the love of many shall grow cold! People are slaughtered and no one bats an eye as though the breath of life is unimportant.We need to stand on the word of God now more than ever and the one who is stronger in us than in the world will prevail. God Bless All our brothers and sisters standing on the faith of Jesus Christ.


  3. Thank You ….so so true about the west
    …lets all pray and keep praying for our brother and sisters all over the world.


    • Thank you slenette, we must stand together in prayer constantly lifting them up before the throne. So many say they feel us praying, and others say that it gives them strength to know others are in prayer with them.


  4. Well at least I am very happy to have you continue to point out our forgotten Syrian and other persecuted brothers and sisters suffering in the name of Christ at the hands of Muslim animals and their complicit American enablers such as the reprobate Obama and McCain.


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