Beverly Hills Hotel boycott over Sultan of Brunei’s plan to stone gays

beverly hills hotel

My Comment:  Sharia law is barbaric, and it is creeping into this country. And should be stopped.  However that said, notice the gay lobby only moved their event to another location.  They did not protest in front of the hotel nor or they asking for the government to prosecute them as they did the Baker and Photographer who refused service to homosexuals based on their religious beliefs.  So why are Christians prosecuted for excercising their right to only refuse service?  Again, this is a violation of human rights to advocate stoning for homosexuality, and all Christians would agree, but if your not going to prosecute or condemn someone who institutes a law for death to homosexuals than why would you turn and prosecute a religious group (Christians) for merely refusing service?  Read the whole article.

An LGBT advocacy group has moved the location of a conference it is planning to hold later this year from the Beverly Hills Hotel to a different location in protest of anti-gay policies being adopted by the Sultan of Brunei – the owner of the hotel – that calls for homosexuals to be stoned to death.

Beverly Hills Hotel boycott over Sultan of Brunei’s plan to stone gays | Mail Online.

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