What Does Biometrics and Pot Have In Common?

You won’t believe what they are doing now.  A restaurant in Avon Colorado is using the first ever ‘Pot Vending Machine.’  Yes that’s right, remember the cigarette vending machines of the past?  And the uproar over these being a bad influence to children?  Well evidently Pot doesn’t have that influence to children.

And you guessed it, they will use multiple camera’s to obtain the biometrics of those who swipe their drivers licenses before purchase! (More) You can’t make this stuff up.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Montana’s Smokehouse BarBQue restaurant is unveiling the first ever, Pot machine.  They say it will cut down on theft, and they will be able to track their inventory much better.  And there will be no way underage kids will be able to crack the biometrics cameras.  What better way to obtain a bio-metrics database, than require it to purchase something that Coloradans are flocking to.  And get this, it will track products using, you guessed it RFID chips!

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  1. While some parents feel it’s harmless to have their young adults drink at home and can monitor them goes along with here’s a gun and some pot so just be careful. Gone are the days of discipline. There are no limits anymore that God has said to teach your children so they grow up and have a sense of direction and firm foundation! What a world we now live in,yet there is always hope for those willing to still fear and reverence God.


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