Oklahoma Had Nearly 150 Earthquakes in One Month

Oklahoma Fault lines, New Madrid Fault lines and the Ring of Fire

Oklahoma Fault lines, New Madrid Fault lines and the Ring of Fire

My Comment:  This is unheard of.  Increase in earthquakes?  Yes, there have been hints that this is due to fracking.  Whatever the cause this fault line is exhibiting instability.  As you can see the ring of fire doesn’t include the Oklahoma area or the New Madrid fault.  So even though the ring of fire has been extremely active in recent days and months, is it affecting Oklahoma?  Is instability on the other side of the country or globe, causing instability here?  I’m not a geologist.  But the experts aren’t offering any reasonable explanations either.  Except to say, ‘Move along, move along, nothing to see here.’  Well I think 150 earthquakes in one month is pretty significant.

Forty-eight earthquakes have rattled the ground in Oklahoma in the past week, contributing to one of the most earthquak-fraught months on record in the state.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Oklahoma has recorded 148 earthquakes of at least a 2.5 magnitude in the past 30 days.

The numbers have made it one of the shakiest states in the United States.

“Certainly there’s been a big change in the amount of earthquakes and people are feeling them,” said Daniel Lao Davila, assistant professor of geology at Oklahoma State University. “I am in my office and every day or two I feel a brief shaking. These are small, magnitude 2 or magnitude 3, but you can feel them.”

“There really is a hot spot right now in Oklahoma,” he said

Read the full article via Oklahoma Had Nearly 150 Earthquakes in One Month – Yahoo News.

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  1. God in his infinite knowledge has created everything in his time! He is the weather even though many denounce it. When Jesus died tgere was an earthquake and when he resurrected there was an earthquake and the graves were opened and the saints walked the streets.(Matthew 27:51-54).
    God Bless all brothers and sisters in Christ. Julia


  2. http://dutchsinse.tatoott1009.com/4112014-coloradofracking-earthquake-pressure-showing-on-the-edge-of-the-craton/

    Colorado Fracking Earthquake — Pressure showing on the craton edge
    Apil 11, 2014 Michael Janitch

    A 3.1M earthquake struck a Southern Colorado fracking operation located along the edge of the North American craton.
    This comes AFTER the swarm of Fracking earthquakes in Oklahoma (on the Southern edge of the craton), and the swarm of Volcanic earthquakes at Yellowstone (on the Western edge).
    Albert, www


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