‘Wake up America,’ says family involved in BLM cattle dispute: What Is This Really About? Turtles Or A Water & Minerals Grab

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This story has been developing for several days.  This is absolutely insane.  This is not the first time that the BLM has taken cattle from Ranchers forcefully.  It is however increasing in craziness.   This particular case has been in the courts for a while, I understand that the BLM is concerned about a tortouse?  that may become extinct,  what concerns me is the continuous pattern we see that Federal law is taking over State Law.  In this and many other areas.  This is very significant.

“Wake up America. Look what our ancestors fought for and we need to stand up for that. We need to realize what’s happening. They are taking everything away from us. This isn’t only about one family. This is about everyone’s family.”

–Bailey Bundy Logue

Read the full article via ‘Wake up America,’ says family involved in BLM cattle dispute | KSL.com.

Evidently the family had parked on the highway to film the BLM taking their cattle, and they didn’t like it, so they arrested him.  The family said they beat him, had dogs on top of him and stood on his head.  They did release him a couple of days later, but since when is police brutality forgiven?  Since when is this the normal?  The last time they did this was in 2001 I believe.  They did the same thing, taking cattle from a rancher they accused of trespassing on the BLM land.  They actually seized the cattle and sold them at auction.  (More)

Here’s a latest video that sums it all up, and I agree with the Bundy family ‘Wake Up America.’  This land grab is about more than turtles.


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  1. The citizens of America will only wake up when it AFFECTS them, however it will be to late for most of them.A liitle here and a little there and then they will have nothing, they will then ask, what happened? It happened right before there very eyes but they did not see, because they were blinded by satan.


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