France says backs evacuation of Muslims in CAR ‘as last resort’

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Why another report on CAR?  Because the media is not covering this in depth, and they are ignoring the fact that this is turning into one of Histories largest humanitarian crises yet.  Yesterday we had the memorial of the Rwandan genocide.  While similar incidents are occuring in Syria, and Car and Nigeria.  Why isn’t the media covering this?  The relgious leaders from both sides were in the US and other western countries last week begging for help and begging for the world not to forget them.  Yet they are.

There are reports that France is backing the UN in an evacuation of Muslims in the CAR.  Media outlets are stepping up their coverage on the Anti-Balaka.  They have labeled them a Christian militia, without so much of a blink.  I have seen very little in the MSM about who or what they are.  Quickly labeling them as Christians out for revenge.  They have reported that they have carried blood and other amulets around their necks for good luck, have been accused of slaughtering children, and Muslims.  Relgious leaders from both sides have said this is not a religious war, but a political war.  They have said this over and over.  Yet we see the media portraying it as just that.  We have asked difficult questions in previous articles about who this anti balaka group is and where they came from.  We have found sources from France 24 who have said that many of the Anti Balaka are indeed ex-military, and are now in prison.

(Excerpt from Yahoo News) PARIS (Reuters) – France said on Tuesday it supported the evacuation of Muslims under threat of reprisals in Central African Republic “as a last resort”, saying that the priority was to save lives despite concerns it could lead to the division of the country.

The United Nations said on April 1 it was trying to evacuate 19,000 Muslims urgently from the capital Bangui and other parts of Central African Republic who are surrounded by anti-balaka Christian militia threatening their lives. (More)

I have searched and searched and have only 2 other agencies daring to ask the same questions, and find information on the Anti-balaka.  Aljazeera news who has been known to be biased, is reporting that they are a catch all group of vigilantes, and some say they are indeed ex-military.  Little info has been made available.  There are many things about this that makes no sense.  The Christian and the Muslim populations lived side by side for years without incidents such as these.  Now this has turned into a killing field which is reaching genocidal proportions.  Others are reporting much the same that this group labeled as Christian are ex military loyal to Bozize.   They say that this group was created by Bozize, to fight banditry.  They say most of the recruits are from Christian or animist communities. And they say that this group is  fighting to defend Christians.   But again Christian and Muslim leaders in the CAR reject this. TRAC is covering this and revealing some answers in the political aspect of this war.  (Read here.)

So as they evacuate and uproot Christians and Muslims alike in CAR, I have to ask why?  I have to wonder if this is a land grabbing, power grab by the governments of CAR and France and others.  Africa is a mineral rich land, yet the people live in poverty.  They hold onto their farmlands, this makes absolutely no sense.  If they rid the CAR of the muslims, the Christians will suffer too.  These are farmers and ranchers that supply much of the food.  Again, I have to ask is this political and is the government cleansing the area to grab land and power.  Pray for the people of this region.  Pray for the people of neighboring regions as rebels from all over including Boko-Haram infiltrate these area’s. Don’t let the cries for help from the people and the religious leaders fall on deaf ears.

For more on this visit Voice Of The Persecuted

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