Unanswered Questions Remain Civil War, Holy War or Something Else: Report:Erdogan vows purge of ‘enemies’ after vote win

Violence In The Middle East

The recent events in Syria and the election of Erdogan is like peeling an onion.  The more you peel the more it stinks.  During the election we know that the opposing party in Turkey tried to expose criminal elements of Erdogan’s regime, and things were leaked through social media.  Then Erdogan banned twitter and facebook, and the election proceeded.  As one media outlet reported he emerged victorious waving a four finger salute synonomous with the muslim brotherhood. (More)


They also brought out the slaughter of Armenian Christians in Kessab recently.  They reported that it was leaked that Erdogan was considering sparking a war with Syra over the tomb of Suleiman Shah(the father of Osman the founder of the Ottoman Empire) (More)  The recent attack on Kessab by Al Nusra (who Turkey is accused of backing) is just bringing more questions to light about the real purpose of this war.  Such as ethnic cleansing and a war over a new Ottoman Empire.  Here’s what RT say’s about the recent election:

(RT)For Tayyip Erdogan, 60, these municipal polls became a referendum on his 11-year leadership and a rehearsal for a presidential election in August he is set to participate in.

The results of the elections delivered an “Ottoman slap” to his opponents, Erdogan said, comparing rivals to medieval assassins and labeling them as “terrorists” and an “alliance of evil.”

“You have protected the independence struggle of the new Turkey,” PM told his supporters, stressing that from now on, “There won’t be a state within a state. We will root them out.”

The last several months of the election campaign in Turkey have been marked with fierce street clashes between Erdogan’s Islamists conservative supporters and a secular political camp, leaving Turkish society extremely polarized on political issues.

Turkish security officials reported that at least eight people died on the day of the elections as fights between rival candidates broke out. (Read More)

There is so much about this war in Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood, that no one seems to be asking questions.  Questions that should be addressed.  Such as why are rebels all over the world entering and fighting there.  We know from past reports that the US has backed rebel factions.


Rebel factions that were targeting Christians, and ethnic minorities.  This has turned into a ‘Holy War.’  Each side of the Islamist faction fighting against each other for control.  Assad has said from the beginning that Turkey had it’s own agenda.  Remember this?

I’m not saying that we should believe everything Assad say’s but he does bring out some valid points, points that have proven to be true.  I have also heard from Syrians that say that the killing by the government is massively over reported. The government may not have done all it could to protect Christians either. But we’ve heard that rockets are being shipped to rebels in the North by Turkey.  Before the war, Christians lived a mostly unaffected lifestyle.   Assad say’s this is not a civil war.   Assad say’s this about the western countries being against him.

Let’s be precise once again. The problem is not between me and the people; I do not have a problem with the people because the United States is against me and the West is against me and many other Arab countries, including Turkey which is not Arab of course, are against me. If the Syrian people are against me, how can I be here?!

And he states that Turkey more than any other country supports the smuggling of terrorists and weapons.  This is becoming more clear every day.  The flow of fighters/rebels and weapons are increasing daily.  The media has said that Assad is stopping aid to civilians in need of medical and humanitarian need, but in reality who is it?  The rebels or Assad?  More questions unaswered.  The back and forth with chemical weapons is one example, the red line laid by obama on chemical weapons came under great scrutiny and it was quickly covered up that the rebels had gained access to a chemical weapons plant.  More questions.

The latest attack on Kessab by Turkish forces should raise the hackles of every nation in the world.  But instead it’s being covered up.  Remember in the last few years the EU refused Turkey’s admittance to the union because they refused to apologize or acknowledge the Armenian genocide.  So the question that comes to mind, is could this be pay back for that?  The very same Armenians & their descendants that escaped from the first Genocide are here in Kessab.  And the US state department issued a statement that said only ‘We are aware of this, and watching it.’??

Ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari recently addresed this in a press conference at the UN, take note of the 7 minute mark.  I asked questions from Syrians about this ambassador and am told that he is reliable for info.  I think this does explain a lot.  I’m told that syria needs more Ambassadors willing to speak the truth.

This is very important and significant, this election of Erdogan, and the actions taken by Turkey in Kessab.  The push for control and power for the new ‘Ottoman Empire’ is being covered up by the media, and thousands of Syrians are dying, being tortured, starving and ignored.  And the west remains silent.

This from Voice of the Persecuted show’s statements from Armenian Christians in the area:

Video interviews with the recently dislocated Armenians of Syria further document this sentiment.   One elderly man says “We’ve been here 97 years since they slaughtered us in Turkey.  These al-Qaeda ‘rebel’ groups are the grandsons of Abdul Hamid” (the Ottoman sultan who committed the first systematic genocide of Armenians).  (More)

So before you dismiss these things as just part of a civil war in Syria, consider the facts, and ask questions.  By asking questions we bring this darkness into the light.  The western powers do hear our questions.  If enough speak out, they will listen.  We saw this with obama’s threatened attack on Syria.  Even John McCain was called out by a Syrian woman.

So speak out, it does help.  Pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria, they are facing death on a minute by minute basis.  There are several international media outlets reporting that Fr Frans Van of the Lugt, was killed this morning in a rebel held city.  He was evidently involved in negotiations with both sides.  It is said of him that he welcomed and fed both Christians and Muslims.  This is very sad, this is developing and we will update as it becomes available.  (More)  Pray for our brothers and sisters here, and the innocent.  This has gone beyond anything witnessed since WW2.  And it’s growing darker by the day, and evil abounds.


Turkey’s Latest Jihad on Christian Armenians(VOP)

KESSAB Repeats The History Again(VOP)


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2 replies

  1. Thank you for a very solid piece about Syria. I am a Christian. I started following the Syrian crisis very closely over 1 1/2 years ago. I’ve spent over 1,200 hours researching this – both the history of the developments and the daily unfolding. And I have to say that what Assad has been saying all along is true. That he is actually growing into a great leader for his nation. That EVERYTHING our government and media have been saying about Syria and accusing Assad and the Syrian army of is misleading and outright lies. We are supporting an Islamist takeover of secular Syria for many reasons – none of which includes freedom and democracy. In fact, of all the nations of the ME, Syria is the poster child of health, tolerance, human rights, etc. There are plenty of problems, plenty of corruption, but Assad was working diligently on creating a society that was NOT led by corruption and that was for the people.


    • Jan, I struggled at first to make sense. As I watched everything unfold it became very clear. You are right. As hard as it is the truth has to be told. Thank you so much for your voice. May God be with us and the innocent in Syria.


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