Are You Ready For An In-Depth Study Of The End Time Empire? Part 1


As you know, I have been attempting to warn and report on Prophecy in the Headlines of our news.  I am amazed at how many still are unaware of what is really happening.  I think some are unaware because holding true to his past, satan has created so much chaos & distractions  in the world that it’s hard for some to grasp.  They are busy with their own daily world, and miss what’s going on.  Busy not paying attention because there have been wars in the middle east forever, and they don’t really care there is one more.  Some just cling to old ideas and interpretations of the end times, they can’t see the whole picture. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The latter is not completely wrong, they just are missing a huge piece of the puzzle as their focus is on proving their particular brand of theology.  So to them, Russia is Gog, or Magog, and we are close to war, they are the antichrist along with a revived roman empire.  This while holding some truth, is totally off base.



Ok let me explain, before you quit reading.  Russia and China and even the US plays a big part in the boosting and forming of the end time governmental beast.  In fact we are seeing this beast rise out of the sea even now.  There is no way that I can put everything I’ve studied and read into one post.  If you’ve been reading here you know I’ve brought several pieces about this.  Every piece of news I bring opens another view into what is transpiring.  I’ve spent countless hours in the library, on line, and in books outside of the mainstream, studying history, studying Biblical history, studying bloodlines, and movements of ancient and modern peoples.   I’ve been down the rabbit hole and have had my eyes opened wide.  I have prayed, sought guidance from the Holy Spirit, and take no MANS word for anything.  I follow one and that one is the Great I Am. That said, let’s move on.  The so called Arab Spring is no accident. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It’s not what the media and obama portray’s as a push for democracy.  This is important, this Arab Spring under the guise of democracy, has led Christians and muslims alike astray.  This has led to ethnic cleansing and persecution of Christians.  Look at Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iran. The western leaders of the world have pushed this as what the people want and to move them forward away from dictatorship.  But this Arab Spring is a takeover in the guise of democracy.  Even Christians were fooled into believing that this would bring a better life for the nation and all people including Christians.  As they stood in solidarity with the muslims in Egypt.

Now persecution has skyrocketed, and eyes are beginning to open.   If you don’t know that by now, it’s time to come up to speed.  Turkey who has been overlooked is working behind the scenes frantically to revive the Ottoman Empire.  They were instrumental in genocides of historic proportions and they continue to aid in this today.  Read here. The history of the Ottoman Empire is astounding, and believe it or not it lines up with the timelines laid out in Revelation.  This first video will give you a brief overview of what we will present here.  We are using Joel Richardson because he has done the most in-depth study yet.  And meticulously shows scripture after scripture showing history, blood lines and timelines.

Why do this study?  It clearly show’s what is taking place in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and Iran.  You will see when finished how important this is in understanding where we are today.  Joel Richardson has some excellent research on the middle east, he is not my only resource on this, but as I said we don’t have enough time to give you all of the research I’ve done.  But his comes very close.  There is an article today by WND that you need to read, it’s titled “Islamists gather to fight Muhammad’s promised Armageddon” (click the title to read the whole thing) Here is an excerpt from that article:

“The story is simply this,” said Middle East expert and theologian Joel Richardson. “While many Christians today are wondering if we’re in the end times, or approaching the end times, there are many, many Muslims throughout the earth today that believe the end times are here.” The result, he said, is that the Syrian conflict is not a civil war, but is it being “perceived by both sides as being a sign of the soon coming of the final apocalyptic wars.”

Both sides of this conflict in the middle east are using Syria as their battleground.  This is not something dreamed up by western leaders to topple an evil dictator.  This was set 1400 years ago in the writings of Mohammed. So this truly does tie into what is transpiring in the middle east.  Recognize it, research it, and realize that we are very close to the culmination of prophecy as God spoke to His servants the Prophets.  He is calling watchmen, and His children will you listen?  We are presenting several videos watch and go through this Bible Study.  It will give you background before we move on to what the Islamists believe and why we should be concerned.

Part 2
Part 3 Session 2:  The Return of Christ in the Old Testament
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
So if you’ve finished the study so far, and have earnestly followed with your Bible, you find that there is evidence of what the end time kingdom referred by Daniel will be.  And if you read the interpretation of the dream that was given Daniel by God, you’ll soon realize a clear picture of the end time kingdom we are seeing today.  It’s forming right under our noses, and unless you seek the truth, and God’s word, you will not see it coming.  We will continue this in Part 2.  It’s a lot to absorb.  Study, study, study, and earnestly seek guidance.  Time is short, we are witnessing the emergence of this beast kingdom now.

Credit to you tube Bob Mitchell, and Joel Richardson

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5 replies

  1. Thank you very much and I believe him after confirmation from the Holy Spirit!


  2. I’ve been praying all the way through this, taking what I see in the world today, and praying for the Lord’s swift return.


  3. Yes! The power satan has in this world is amazing, but as written if anyone should turn and repent the veil over their heart will be removed and will be able to see the deception they once believed in and stay turned from their sinful ways. “But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same veil untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which veil is done away in Christ. But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart. Nevertheless, when it shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away”.(2 Corinthians 3:14-16). God Bless This website to get truth out to the nations.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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