Explanation: Bison ‘running for lives’ sense doomsday?

Screen shot

Screen shot

My Comment:  I don’t know why this went viral like it did.  When I first watched the video, my thought was that they are not stampeding.  I know that animals will react to impending storms and earthquakes, and bear watching, and I know that the government say’s ‘Nothing to see here move along,’  but in this case I think this was sensationalized in a way that those of us truly watching are made less credible.  This does bear watching, the ring of fire is coming to a life not seen for a long time.  Earthquakes, volcanoes are on the rise.  Again, bears watching, and if you live in these area’s it’s time to prepare with extra water and food.  Even the government tells you that.  We know that there will be a major world earthquake when the 6th seal is opened, (Rev. 6:12) so we shouldn’t really be caught unaware.  Prepare.

(WND) The man who claims to have shot the original video and posted it to his Facebook page says it actually shows bison galloping down a paved road that leads deeper into the park.  “Those bison were running for the sake of running,” said Leckie, in an interview Thursday. “There was nothing chasing them. There was no mudslide. They were just running.”  The video went viral two weeks after it was uploaded under the title, “Yellowstone bison on the run for the joy of spring.”

“Eruptionists and conspiracists pirated the video and misrepresented it, suggesting that it was shot after the earthquakes. Then news agency after news agency started picking up on it, without looking at the original video to see what my actual intent was.  “My little video went from 20 hits to more than 90,000 hits.  “It’s amazing how quickly and rapidly information can be repackaged to convey something other than its original intent.”

Read the full article  & video via Bison ‘running for lives’ sense doomsday?.

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  1. Dunno how fast these animals can move when panicked, but first of all, none of them looked panicked, secondly, they’re heavy, thirdly, they were running uphill, and a fourth thing, they kept out of the way of the vehicle, so nothing to worry about, methinks…


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