Disturbing Trends In The Media & What “Click to Pay” Means For Honest Reporting

There is disturbing trends in the media surfacing as of late.  While I couldn’t necessarily put my finger on it until this morning, reading an article from the New York Times titled “Risks Abound As Reporters Play In Traffic” this brought it all home like watching a home run hit.

We all know that the media can’t be trusted anymore to deliver honest, balanced news.  We are all witnesses to that.  This applies not only to on-line news but also to the battle for ratings in the TV industry news outlets.  But this, this will bring a race to grab viewers to click on individual stories and did you know that the reporters get paid by how many clicks the story generates?  Even in Christian media this is happening.  If your like me, your wondering why the sensational headlines that don’t seem to deliver honest reporting or concerns we should be addressing.   We have witnessed a portion of this lately with the missing Maylasia airliner.  Every one is theorizing about what happened and very little factual reporting is taking place.  Everything from the wars in the middle east, to Russia, to obamacare, all are distractions.  Even in the prophecy and Christian circles this is taking place.

Media outlets are popping up everywhere,where bloggers are invited to post articles and they get paid not for their content, not for their uncovering of news, but for how many clicks their articles generate, and the volume of people coming to read the sensationalism.  This has so many implications.

  1. Honest reporting will be thrown to the wind, in order to generate more traffic and ‘Click to pay’ articles, regardless of how much truth is in them.
  2. It will make it even harder for honest reporters trying to educate on current events to share stories and news, as all of the media outlets switch to this the policy of news sharing is gone.
  3. It will require endless hours of research to verify a story by these so called media outlets, as they use more and more sensationalism to get paid and less and less facts.
  4. In the Christian circles it will take away and distract from what is really happening. Like the falling away of Christians, the persecution of Christians, how current events in the headlines from Israel and the middle east are lining up with Bible prophecy, instead focusing your attention on sensational headlines that are empty and void of truth.  Don’t take my word for it read the article highlighted above.  It takes countless hours of research and watching to sort through all this.  And this will make it almost impossible.

I agree with the author of the article highlighted, when he said his articles will stand alone on content not sensationalism.  I also hear the words “Slow & Steady wins the race.”

tortoiseAlong with these words of caution from 2 Timothy 2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

What’s the moral of this story?  Keep in mind that distractions abound, distractions that take you away from the word of God, and the truth, distractions that say, even if it’s not in the Bible, it’s ok to read and believe this, because…..  Study the word, get to know what is true prophecy, and how it relates to today’s current events, don’t take anyone’s word for it.  We all know the debauchery of todays world and we know how satan is dragging it into the pit with him.  But don’t get distracted, this race is too important.  Stay in the Word, and use discernment with any media.


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  1. It is nothing new that our news reported is not fully truthful. But now that it is digital, we cannot trust what we see either! Distractions and lies are what they are feeding us so they can do whatever they want before we have a chance to have an “honest, informed” say! IF we are even allowed access to the truth.
    Thank God for His Word, His Works, and His Son, Jesus! He will lead us out of this darkness with The Truth!


  2. This article was so powerful and an eye opener. I found out a long time ago the Holy Spirit would not let me read just anything put out there. Thats why I was so greatful to God when I found this website. Thanks again, and may the Lord keep Blessing you with discernment.


  3. Just how far will people go for the riches of this world……..Apparently far from the written word to gain ungodly riches of this world! satan knows he has but a short time and he knows what he did to upset God so very long ago and is working overtime to get as many people to turn from the truth at the expense of many to forfeit their own soul for the gain of empty riches. So glad this article said to search the scriptures to make sure the reporting is the truth of the word, because these are the days many will do as they please worse than ever before and if people do not read the word of God (bible) they will like the stories of fiction being published and be the none wiser! What a great article found here to uncover the slyness of the darkness that has covered the earth. God Bless You.


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