Why Would Obama Veto A Bill For Sanctions Against Iran If They Fall Short Of Expectations?


I find it utterly atrocious that the president would even hint at something like that to begin with. But it’s true.  Feinstein and Reed are threatening to slow this bill.  Yesterday 83 Senators and 394 House Representatives sent a letter to obama asking him him to warn Iran that continuing the nuclear program will result in sanctions.  But he is threatening to veto any bills with sanctions against Iran for violating any part of the new agreement. (More)

The world leaders with our president pushing the hardest have thrust a dangerous and dis-honest regime to the front of the world scene. They have a history of lies, a history of hatred for not only the US but for Israel and the west in general. They still have a national holiday for celebrating the taking of hostages from our embassy! They have repeatedly said that Israel will be destroyed along with the US. They have repeatedly denied access, and lied to investigators in the past on their nuclear ambitions and accomplishments. And this president wants to veto the very thing that would let them know, we will verify everything you say. Your new freedoms will come with trust. ‘Trust but verify.’
In January Diane Feinstein made a speech against this bill stating that ‘We couldn’t let Israel tell us who to war with.’ Really?


Here’s a quote from her speech:  “a vote for this legislation will cause negotiations to collapse,” arguing that the six-month deal reached in Geneva and finalized on Sunday represented “the best opportunity in more than 30 years to make a major change in Iranian behavior.”  (More)  Maybe she was off the planet when Iran has made so many threats to wipe us and Israel off the map.  And yes they are still doing that.  They have said they will not stop enrichment, and why the west won’t listen I don’t know.  So when reports came out yesterday that a leading Iranian Ayatollah declared that their messiah the ‘Mahdi’ would behead Western Leaders, who did she think he was talking about?  Oh she must think it’s the other west and it’s leaders.  For the saying ‘Feed the alligator and he’ll eat you last’  must not apply to her.

Maybe you remember this from 1979?  Remember they still celebrate this. It’s a national Holiday.


So the Senators and Representatives that actually want to ensure that Iran is telling the truth and actually seeking peace are demonized.  Incredible.  And while we wine and dine Iran Americans are sitting in Iranian prisons facing great human rights abuses.  Pastor Abidini who was jailed only because he is a Christian, still sits in prison in Iran.  His release should have been and still should be a condition of this so called treaty with Iran.  So why is American’s silent on this?

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