Tension Is Growing as Families of Flight 370 Passengers Hold Vigil

My Comment:  One thing that isn’t getting coverage in the media is the families of those on board the Maylasia Flight that’s missing.  I can’t even imagine what they are going through as their families are still missing.  It’s not just a plane, it’s over 200 souls on board.  Where are they?  Pray for these families.  In this article the families are threatening to go on a hunger strike unless they are given news.  They are watching like us the confusing reports, and changing info.  Now Thailand is reporting that they had this plane on their radar minutes after communications were lost, but didn’t report it for 10 days.  Fox News reported that they said “We weren’t asked for our radar.”  Really?  There are reports of the plane possibly in Pakistan, reports of the plane possibly being used by attackers as a 9/11 style attack.  There are reports that Israel is tightening it’s security for a possible attack from this plane.   Remember these families in your prayers.  One of the families in this article is missing her brother, and she stated that she had a dream and saw her brother on a tropical island in the sun, smiling.  Heartbreaking.  Pray for the victims and also for these families.  Pray that news will surface soon.  Pray for comfort for them, pray for protection of those souls on board.


BEIJING — The families gathered in the ballroom at the Lido Hotel wanted answers. Over a week ago, a jet carrying their loved ones vanished, and for a week the airline executives who appeared before them told different, sometimes contradictory, stories.

Read the Full Article via Tension Is Growing as Families of Flight 370 Passengers Hold Vigil – NYTimes.com.

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