Russia & The West Standoff, Who Will Blink First?


The developing situation in Ukraine is unsettling to the west, as I pointed out in a video many of us remember the cold war, and how it affected our daily lives.  There are off hand reports(sensational titles) claiming that we (the US) have sent warships to crimea.  I have searched and searched and can not confirm this.  However, I have read credible reports that say the warships that were in the Black Sea to back Russia during the Olympic Games have moved to the west side of the Black Sea, across from Crimea.  This is how mis-information starts.  While this situation is extremely disturbing, as it was in the middle east as the west and Russia sent warships to face each other over Syria.  How long can this chess game go on, before someone gets trigger happy or cause an accident that sets off WW3?  Wars of Biblical proportions have been started this way.  Look at the ArchDuke Ferdinand moment of WW1.

His assassination in Sarajevo precipitated Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war against Serbia. This caused the Central Powers (including Germany and Austria-Hungary) and the Allies of World War I (countries allied with Serbia or Serbia’s allies) to declare war on each other, starting World War I.

So you can begin to see what tense and strained relations can cause.  This chess game of new world powers flexing their muscles is very dangerous and significant.  Couple that with disasterous foreign policies by obama and other leaders in the west and you get a boiling pot ready to boil over, if the heat is not reduced.
What disturbs me most is that other countries are positioning themselves close to our borders like China, and Iran and even Russia.  China is continuing it’s developments of weaponry while we are considering a reduction in our military.  This is obama’s design.

(Excerpts from the Washington Free Beacon) U.S. intelligence agencies recently confirmed China’s development of a new intermediate-range nuclear missile (IRBM) called the Dongfeng-26C (DF-26C), U.S. officials said.  “How can [U.S. policymakers] possibly justify such reductions in defense spending when American forces as far away as Guam, Korea, and Okinawa are targeted by these nuclear missiles,” said one official familiar with reports of the DF-26C. (More)

The UN Security Council has met on Saturday and yesterday an emergency meeting was called by Russia.  Now China and Russia has been joined at the hip on Syria, &  China has a policy of sovereignty where other countries are concerned and stands against outside interference.  They are quoted as having a neutral statement as far as Russia is concerned.  But is it really neutral?  As they move their military might around the Pacific?

What China Said:

“At the same time we also take into consideration the history and the current complexities of the Ukrainian issue. It could be said that China’s position is to both maintain principles while also seeking to be realistic.” (More)

Russian Foreign minister Lavrov said he has talked with his counterpart in China and they are in agreement.  Russia is in control of Crimea and reports are surfacing that are saying that Ukraine forces are defecting for the Russian forces.  Hard to say.  The western bloc of the UN Security Council has said they will pose economic sanctions on Russia.  So the threats begin.  Kerry is in Kiev today, so who knows what that will bring.  Now what Debka is reporting is that Putin is holding firm and is asking for, or demanding that Ukraine can not join NATO, the west can not put missile defense systems in place, restrictions will be placed on the type of military weaponry that Ukraine can have, and it looks as if he wants a permanent military presence in Crimea.  Putin is not a man that will back down from a standoff.  He was commander of the KGB, and he has held office in a country known for it’s ruthless political prowess for 14 years.  He is not in-experienced.  And he has been waiting for his chance to prove this to the world.

So it’s a very disturbing, tense situation with possible results that could thrust the world into total chaos and anarchy.  This World War is prophecied, but it’s prophecied in Revelation as the 6th trumpet, not Armageddon.  This could just be the spark from the fire that opens this and sets it in motion.  So spend time in prayer, spend time preparing in every way.  Again, take God’s word close to your hearts, and focus on Him.  He is returning soon, and His words of warning in the Bible are so far going unheeded except by those watching.  Open your eyes wide and fear not for He is with us. Will God use Russia or China or Iran as He has in the past to bring about His plan?  Most likely yes.  But again, remember Isaiah’s words:

Isaiah 41:10

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

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4 replies

  1. Hey Sister

    See this video… Not being reported at all by major news outlets. Not sure whether genuine


  2. Last year I was made redundant and in seeking the Lord about finding gainful employment I kept hearing the words “wait” and nothing else. After some 12 months and applying for job after job and getting nowhere the Lord said in 2014 I would see something that will astound many, create absolute fear in the hearts of many throughout the world, so when this happened our Fathers peace increased in and over me and remains even now.

    All these leaders are playing for power and people and countries are just pawns in their games. It is China’s and Russia’s time for the west has become very weak in the physical, whereas these two countries are extremely strong militarily and will be used by our Father bring his correction forth upon all of the western countries who profess they walk with him.

    There is more to come, much more and for me and where I am the Lord is saying watch, pray in all things that I lead you in but this is a time that I will use my people to build my kingdom upon this earth in preparation for my coming. Already many in the world have lost all hope and do not know where or who to turn to in these times and my people who have been prepared and trained and who are hidden will step forward into the light and go forth to preach the good news of the coming kingdom and my coming.

    I encourage all my brothers and sisters is to fight the good fight of faith in these times no matter where you may be in this world and walk only where our Father leads you to walk guided through the Holy Ghost. Be still and know that He is God and his people will know his voice and go when he commands.


    • Amen Ian, thanks so much for sharing this. Confirmation for me. You are right on. Waiting and watching. And yes, ‘Be Still and know that He is God, our rock and fortress for these times ahead. God Bless you Ian, and may He keep you in the palm of His hand.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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