No Sensationalism, No Hype Just : The Truth about the UN


My Comment:  With all the hype and sensationalism in some places today about the ‘reptillian, luciferian, elitists taking over the UN, this video points out the actual new world order and how it has taken over and is demonizing Israel and those who stand for her, and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  I’m not saying there isn’t evil being unleased on the world today, but this basic video show’s how over time,  World power and opinion is turning to rid the world of God’s people.  What it doesn’t show completely, but hints at is how they are accomplishing this, by political and monitary gain.  Worshiping man and their own version of the Tower of Babel, instead of God.   This is an informative video that will show you facts about how “times they are A changin.”  I just want to point out that while all this is going on, God is still in control, and prophecy is unfolding.  While these leaders “sit at the table and lie to each other”, and while they “talk peace & safety,”  God is still in control, and even tells us what will happen while this is going on.  Daniel even goes so far as to tell us that this kingdom will be in power until the ‘Ancient of Days take’s His seat and judgment books are opened. Which conicides with Revelation.  When the 6th seal and 6th trumpet are opened this tower that man has built will tumble.  And we will be forced to make a choice.  Follow God or follow ‘mammon’.  Will you be able to make the right choice?

Ambassador Danny Ayalon spreads the truth about the UN. Hypocrisy and cynicism have taken over the United Nations, the delegitimization perpetrators and Israel boycotters take advantage of the UN’s image as an advocate of human rights in order to pass anti-Israeli resolutions which attempt to isolate Israel. It is important to spread the truth that the UN has been transformed into a political arena by undemocratic states who trample on human rights, and UN resolutions must be treated accordingly”.

via The Truth about the UN – YouTube.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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