Watchman’s Alert: Our Youth Is In Serious Trouble

No sensationalism no gimmicks, no theories about the Illuminati, Luciferians or other dark forces just the facts.

First I would like to say ‘Good Job’ to our athletes who performed at Socchi.  But I am growing very weary of our sports and entertainment personalities portraying to the world that America is a dark, Godless country.  I am growing very tired of watching the World witness this slide into perdition that we are making.  In a place and event where the world puts forth it’s best youth, and portrays strength and faith, this shocked me.  It really did.  It didn’t shock me that Shaun White didn’t perform even as a contender or America’s best, but it did shock me to see this photo.  And I’m growing very tired of not only him but our entertainers as a whole.  Look at this picture, from the Daily Mail.

shaunwhiteIs it any wonder that it has been said the America’s entertainers and athletes have sold their souls to the devil?  Some even admitting it.  This is serious, it’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s disgusting.

It’s being reported today that Miley Cyrus’s pornographic, satanic performances are education for the children.  Really??  What is she trying to educate them in?  Parents please monitor what your children are watching.  Here is a quote from Daily Mail on this:

‘I find it boring. Why don’t younger children  try to be more risque. I like  it when you find a style that can be your  own personal style.’


I found it extremely hard finding photo’s of Cyrus to use, to demonstrate how far she has fallen.  It’s extremely disturbing, all of her images are indeed pornographic in nature, and this is what she is educating children with.  Hello??  We have sexually explicit acts, we have pure satanic rituals, and we have satanic images captured by the world of America’s best.  How awful is that?  Wake up America.  Wake up Church, enough of the all about me religion and come back to the Bible, come back to God.  Our youth is in serious trouble.

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  1. I read that both K.Perry and Miley kissed on one show few days ago! Hint,hint…gay agenda 😉 !!!


    • Yes, I read that too, when working on this post. The net is full of pictures. I think that America doesn’t realize what is happening, and how our children are being indoctrinated, and how serious this is. Thank you Ann!


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