Terror of North Korea Revealed…WHERE NO ONE IS SAFE


This is very serious.  Open Doors USA and others have listed North Korea as a leader in the persecution of Christians.  And they persecute their own people just as viciously.  It wasn’t that long ago that Kim had his Uncle killed, thrown to the dogs.  In the past the west has ignored these abuses.  At least they are acknowledging they exist.   I did a post yesterday on women’s rights and the real war on women. Women and children are especially vulnerable to these abuses and persecution.  As more and more info is coming out on this we find things like women, killing their children inside these camps just to survive.  We hear stories of torture, starvation and mass execution.  We have a Christian Brother in North Korea, and many have said that the camps are not as some have portrayed. But they truly are, in fact they are worse than portrayed.  We need to keep the spotlight on this.   We need to pray without ceasing for Kenneth Bae.  Continue the emails and calls to representatives to hold Obama to accountability as to why he is not demanding more that Kenneth Bae be released.

kenneth bae

Sign the petition to bring Kenneth back home.

A letter-writing campaign for Kenneth was launched by the two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, previously imprisoned in North Korea, because letters were what sustained them during their detainment.

Please send words of hope, strength, and news. Learn how HERE


Moms Kill Children to Survive Inside North Korea’s Prisons(Charisma News)

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  1. Thanks for the link, been following this story on Twitter.


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    We need to pray continuously for the Christians


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