The US & The War On Women, While The Real War On Women Wages In Africa, The Middle East & No. Korea


This has made the news again with the news of Hillary Clinton .  If you listen to media and Pro Choice groups and politicians like Nancy Pelosi, & Texas Senator Wendy Davis, and Barbara Boxer there is a full fledged war on women being declared and executed in the United States.  They even have their first victim as a poster child.

flukeSandra Fluke made headlines as a poor college student who couldn’t afford birth control, and for that reason it affected her sex and social life.  So she became a spokesperson of women’s rights groups to pass laws for the government to pay for birth control and abortion. A spokesperson for  obamacare.

A quote from wikipedia on the war on women and what it means.  “It became a common message in American political discourse after the 2010 congressional elections. The term is often used to describe policies that reduce or eliminate taxpayer funding for women’s health organizations such as Planned Parenthood, in attempts to restrict abortion subsidies. Other areas in dispute include public funding and/or mandatory employer insurance coverage of such matters as contraception and sterilization.”

The ACLU’s blog describes the war on women as this:  “The “War on Women” describes the legislative and rhetorical attacks on women and women’s rights taking place across the nation. In includes a wide-range of policy efforts designed to place restrictions on women’s health care and erode protections for women and their families.”  

They go on to say that restrictions on funding of abortion and contraception is part of this war on women.  Really?

What about the real war on women?  There is a real war on women in the world, and they are being tortured, murdered and maimed and raped daily.

In a report from the Guardian in Jan. of this year they say that:  “Almost one in five young girls in sub-Saharan Africa are still forced to endure female genital mutilation (FGM), according to a UN report that paints a grim picture of the state of the world’s children.”


This barbaric treatment is still being forced upon young girls and women, and it’s growing.  But the women’s rights groups are virtually silent.  Honor killings are taking place on a daily basis also.  Women in the middle east can’t travel without a male relative companion.  In Saudi Arabia they can’t drive because it will affect their pelvis and childbearing.  In India rape is rampant, and the criminals are almost never brought to trial.  Then there is this, breaking out of North Korea today.

This from The Washington Times:

northkoreaNorth Korean women repatriated from China were forced to undergo abortions if they were found to be pregnant, because it was believed they could be carrying babies conceived by Chinese men. The women are not asked about the ethnicity of the child’s father, the report says.  One witness saw seven women given injections to induce abortions. In most cases, guards at the detention facilities “force either the mother or a third person to kill the baby by drowning it in water or suffocating it by holding a cloth or other item against its face or putting the baby face down so that it cannot breathe,” the report says.

North Korea, again they are one of the worst perpetrators of human rights violations in the world today.  And yet the US government doesn’t condemn them.  Our celebrities lavish the leader with lush gifts and parties.  And we have a war on women here????  Really?  The UN is screaming that he has committed war crimes, but are they doing anything about it?

This makes me ill.  These women here in the US who think they have it so bad, need to take a good hard look at the real war on women.  Remember those in bonds as if we were with them.  That’s commanded in the Scripture.  Jesus said:  When you do this to the least of these my brethren you did it to me.  If you think that you can take a back seat and remain silent, that’s not biblical either.  The sin of omission is just as great as the sin of commission.

James 4:17

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not, to him it is sin.

James 1:27

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world.

Speak out, help to bring awareness to this travesty.  There is no war on women here in this country.  Demand that your representatives speak out against human rights violations of women in these countries.  Demand they speak out about Christian Persecution.  So much attention has been given to the so called evil dictator in Syria, what about the truly demonic ruler in No. Korea?  Rarely do we hear any condemnation of him from the president.

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  1. These barbaric methods have proven we have come no further to what is correct than before Christ walked the earth. Man has always over powered women for they are viewed as the weaker vessel, yet man fails to read the written word of many strong women who were called to do Gods will in the earth. It’s not just women that are raged against in the days we are living in, it is an all out war of evil trying it’s best to get it’s evil deeds done and satan knows he has but a short time to have people do his bidding!. God Bless all who stand on the truth of our Fathers way to bring his kingdom’s way to the earth! It won’t be long before all this evil is a distant memory and Gods way and government will rule for all eternity. STAY STRONG CHURCH! Julia


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